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KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability Finally Gets Patched Google Patch

Nov 8, 2017

Good news coming from Google today as the company announced it patched the KRACK Android bug. This was a pretty significant vulnerability that impacted almost every type of device with a Wi-Fi adapter. The KRACK bug was found just a few weeks ago, and Google wasted no time at developing a patch to fix this critical vulnerability. Read on to learn about the KRACK vulnerability and what Google did to patch this vulnerability that posed serious risk to millions.

KRACK Vulnerability Patched by Google

The good news is that Google already patched the KRACK vulnerability. It was impacting nearly every single device running with a Wi-Fi adapter. The bad news is that it was estimated by researchers to impact millions. It was estimated about 40 percent of all Android devices were vulnerable to the KRACK bug. There are nearly 2 billion Android devices that are active worldwide. Knowing that, it brings the number to about 800 million devices that were impacted by the KRACK vulnerability. That is a significant number of devices that could have been impacted by this issue. The number includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets that are using a Wi-Fi adapter.

If you have not heard about this specific vulnerability before, it is a significant and dangerous vulnerability since it impacts Wi-Fi adapters. It could allow an attack to intercept communications and decrypt those communications. The interception of communications could be from any device with a Wi-Fi adapter, which is nearly everything running on Android. The biggest danger concerning KRACK is that it was exploiting the design of the WPA2 security network. Any device that supported WPA2 was then at risk. So KRACK is a vulnerability that goes beyond any manufacturers or any hardware and software.

KRACK Vulnerability Revealed About a Month Ago

Researchers found the KRACK vulnerability about a month ago, with certain manufacturers being told about it before it was publicly announced. After the vulnerability was announced publicly, it was a race for companies like Google to get out a patch to fix this critical issue. Microsoft ended up putting out a patch before KRACK was announced publicly, which was done via the Windows Update. Other equipment manufacturers also had firmware updates and patches ready to roll once the vulnerability was announced. Apple even put out a patch for this vulnerability when iOS 11.1 was released, and now Google has put out a patch.

If you need to check your Android device to see if it is protected from KRACK, there is a way you can do that. You will need to head to your Settings and then go to where you see “About Tablet” or “About Phone.” From there, you will need to look for the Android Security Patch. The KRACK vulnerability will have the patch level of 2018-11-06. If you see this patch level, then your Android device is protected from this specific vulnerability.

You can manually check your Android device to see if you have a software update available to you as well. Many other types of devices will also need to be patched to protect them from the new vulnerability. This is one of the most critical vulnerabilities out there right now. That is because it impacts iOS, Android, Windows, and nearly any other electronic device with a Wi-Fi adapter. You should be downloading and installing any and all patches or updates as soon as they come out. This is especially true for critical issues like this Wi-Fi adapter vulnerability.