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Larger ‘Up Next’ Buttons Testing on YouTube Android App

Aug 9, 2019

We have great news about the YouTube Android app as the app is testing out bigger ‘Up Next’ buttons on the latest YouTube update. You will need to have the YouTube Android version 14.31.50 in order to see the revamped and improved user interface. Read on to learn more about the changes to ‘Up Next’ found in this YouTube Android update.

‘Up Next’ Interface Bigger in YouTube Android Update

The bigger video interface is being tested out right now on the YouTube Android app. Version 14.31.50 is the version that contains this larger video interface and it’s a lot easier to figure out. You will see that there is a countdown in the left-corner of the app. This countdown tells you how much longer you have to wait before the next video starts. We love this countdown feature because you can easily look at the screen to see when the video will start, and it’s easy to see on your device.

You will also see two big buttons now on the ‘Up Next’ section and these buttons will be side-by-side. They say “Cancel” and “Play Now” and there is also an “X” on the right side of the screen that also would allow you to cancel from within the interface. During the testing of this bigger video user interface, we also see that a preview thumbnail that is much bigger than before is present. You will see the uploader information and title next to it.

Interactive & Bigger Buttons for Video Interface Coming in YouTube Android

We really are enjoying these changes to the video interface because it’s more interactive and it’s also much easier to hit the button you want. Whether you want to play or cancel the video altogether, you can now tap the icon and it’s more responsive. The only version we know that these features are on is version 14.31.50 and this version is one we’ve been able to use on multiple devices.

Speaking of this version of YouTube for Android, another new feature hit last week called Live Screen Casting. This feature is found within the ‘Go Live’ section of YouTube and you might remember it from the YouTube Gaming app. Just click on “Capture” and then click “Go Live” which is found on the top right of the screen.

Click on the phone icon to begin the live stream, and you can create your own title too. You will be able to make a game title, select your privacy settings, and much more as well. Before you actually are live, you will have to choose a thumbnail and also choose the screen orientation you want to use.

Are You Happy that Larger ‘Up Next’ Buttons are in Revamped Video Interface?

The revamped user interface with the more interactive buttons should be rolling out to everyone real soon. It’s still in testing right now, but it looks to be going live to everyone within the next week. We are very happy that these buttons are much bigger and easier to see now.

Another thing we love is the new countdown for the next video to begin. What we love the most about the video interface changes is that it makes using the app easier and simpler, especially if you have bigger fingers and often have trouble hitting the right button.

We want to know what you think of the revamped video interface and whether or not you like the new ‘Up Next’ look on YouTube. Are you someone who still uses YouTube to watch videos or do you prefer a different app due to all of the advertisements on YouTube? Will you be using the “Go Live” feature on YouTube that was added last week? What other changes do you hope YouTube will bring to Android in the near future? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts below because we’d love to hear what you have to say.