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LEGO Bionicle 2 Cheats & Hack for Stars, All Upgrades, & High Score Unlock

Mar 27, 2018

Umarak the Hunter is up to no good, as he is about to dive into the Labyrinth of Control to retrieve the Mask of Control. The world of LEGO Bionicle 2 requires heroes to stop him in his tracks, as Tahu, Lewa and Pohatu are here to answer the call! Take control of these three Toa, upgrade their fighting abilities to defeat the hordes of Skull Warriors and end Umarak the Hunter once and for all during 2018!

LEGO Bionicle 2 is a fighting action game released by LEGO Systems, based on the popular LEGO Bionicle brand. You probably heard about LEGO products before, but in case you didn’t know, the company also creates a great number of mobile games! Some of their titles include LEGO Ninjago: Skybound, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Technic Race and LEGO DUPLO Circus, just to list a few.

LEGO Bionicle 2 is rated with an average of 4.1/5 stars by users on the Google Play Store, while it has only been released since a short time on the Apple App Store, and its ratings are not yet finalized in 2018. Still, the game already has half a million downloads in just a few weeks, and users seem to call it an improvement over the first LEGO Bionicle. We are here today to find out whether the game can provide enough addicting content on its own or not! If you are ready, then read on!

About LEGO Bionicle 2

In the beginning of the game, players get a short peek into the story of Bionicle, mostly related the Labyrinth of Control and the history behind it. You will learn that the Creatures have taken the Mask of Control from its creators Ekimu and Makuta, and have hidden it in the labyrinth. But things are not as simple, as Umarak the Hunter finds the whereabouts of the mask, and he intends on claiming it for himself. This is where you take control of three Toa: Tahu, Lewa and Pohatu to defeat Umarak and the Skull Warriors infesting the labyrinth.


The gameplay of LEGO Bionicle 2 is most reminiscent of brawler and fighting games. There are no story transitions between fights, and you get to choose encounters, aka levels from a map. Each of these 16 levels contain three battles, one for each of your Toa to complete. Once you entered a level, you will immediately be put against a Skull Warrior, and after a short countdown the battle begins.

The controls of the game are rather simple, and don’t really require much practice to get used to. Your Toa will automatically move throughout battles, and tapping on the screen will cause it to attack. You can tap repeatedly to chain attacks and create combos up to a 3x combo attack. Once the battle capabilities of your Toa are upgraded through the ingame upgrade system, they will be able to perform special attacks.

These are executed by swiping in certain directions on the screen when the action popup appears. Action popups are frequent, as they will sometimes appear to let you dodge enemy attacks, or when your opponents sends spider swarms or shadow traps against you, you will have to swipe or tap the popup repeatedly to escape.

Additional controls include two buttons on the screen, one which is for blocking the attacks of enemies, while the other one is used to summon the Creature supporting your Toa. This Creature then will charge up an attack using your swipes and fire it at the current opponent. Once you deal enough damage during combat, you will be able to activate this flashing button again, but this time the Creature and Toa combine themselves for a short time into a powerful Unity Form to deal a lot more damage.

As you progress throughout LEGO Bionicle 2, some levels will send multiple enemies against your Toa. You will still fight only one at a time, but once the first is defeated, there will be more to take its place. In case your Toa gets downed, then you get the option to call one of the two remaining ones to fight, but if all three are down then you lose the current level. It’s also important to mention that each level can only be successfully completed if all three battles are finished with at least one Toa alive.

Certain levels have star requirements on the game map, and this means that you can only attempt those battles once you have enough stars. This limitation is in place because these levels have Umarak the Hunter as the last enemy, and thus are much more challenging than the usual Skull Warrior levels. During the earlier Umarak fights he can never be defeated, but will escape towards the next battle, and you will only get to face him for real in the very end.

Now, I mentioned the upgrade system earlier, and this is definitely an important part of LEGO Bionicle 2. There are 18 different upgrades available overall, and you have to earn crystal shards from completed levels to unlock these upgrades. The first line of upgrade is all about combat, as each of these upgrades unlock an additional special attack for your Toa. The second line of upgrade improves the overall health of your Toa, while giving them a resurrect ability for the first time they get downed in a fight. The last upgrade line improves the summoning of your Creatures and makes the Unity mode last longer.


This is a rare occurence on mobile these days, but this game features no ingame shop or in-app purchases of any kind. There are also no ads whatsoever, so this title is as free as it gets.

Cheats & Tips for LEGO Bionicle 2

If you are here looking for cheats related to LEGO Bionicle 2, then you will be glad to hear that there are ways to make the gameplay easier! Let me give you some tips and tricks on how to maximize your crystal shard collection and combat power!


One of the less serious cheats you can hope for is the ability to replay levels after being much stronger, and earn extra crystal shards this way. If you only managed to get one or two stars on a few levels early in the game, then it might be a smart idea to replay those levels and aim to finish the remaining objectives as well. Especially so, since if you manage to get three stars, then there will also be a bonus added to the overall amount that you earned! Don’t fear to trick the system this way!

At certain parts of LEGO Bionicle 2 you might feel like the enemies are a lot tougher than you. This can become especially frustrating when you have to defeat five different enemies in a single level. To stand more of a chance against them, you should try to block all of their attacks. The game doesn’t actually teach you this, but you can block every single attack by pressing the block button at the right moment. The tutorial only shows how to block special charged attacks, but if you block every strike, then you can easily keep your Toa at a healthy level.


As another useful tip, remember to use your Creature’s summon everytime you can. This is not only a powerful attack, but it can also cheat the game a little and interrupt the action of your enemies. If an enemy is charging a huge blow, just activate the Creature summon and it will immediately interrupt the charged attack. The same is true for the Unity form, which is a very powerful stance that adds a lot of damage to your attacks, and can also interrupt any action taken by your foe!

Lego Bionicle 2 Review

As far as brawler and fighting games go, the freedom of movement and attack moves is a very important part of the genre. Without being able to control what you do at what moment, the skill and amazement of the game is lost. LEGO Bionicle 2 decides to take an approach that goes against this principle, and instead puts the combat on rails. Is this a great innovation, or does it end in failure?

I was curious to find out what a brawler game plays like without total freedom, but I was also a little scared of what I might find out. Still, I decided not to waste any time, and jumped right into the gameplay of LEGO Bionicle 2. That is after watching a comic-like cutscene that had zero words and only a slight indication of what the story is about.


As for the gameplay, this is obvious the most important part in a game like this. After finding my way through the level selection map, which reminded me a lot of the casual puzzle games’ maps, I entered my first battle. The sad thing about this first battle was that it was exactly the same as the upcoming 20. I immediately felt really limited controls wise, as there was no option to move my Toa in any way, and I could only attack by repeatedly tapping the screen.

Soon after finishing a few battles and earning crystal shards I got to unlock new combat abilities, and fights became a little more interesting. There were actual combos to be executed now by a combination of swipes and taps at the right moments, but I could only do these when the game let me. There was no way to set up a combo at any time, and it could only be done when the popup appeared at a random time. This felt like I had every control taken out of my hands, or rather not even given to me in the first place.

The upgrade system of LEGO Bionicle 2 is also a little disappointing, to be honest. There are 18 upgrades overall in three lines that all relate to a different part of the Toa’s abilities. This might sound good at first, but the rate at which crystal shards are earned is really slow, and therefore a lot of the levels had me tapping and swiping the same comboes over and over again, while feeling extremely tired of them.

But the biggest problem here is that the game has no depth at all, as there are only fights and nothing else. Even when battling Umarak it’s exactly the same feeling as against the Skull Warriors. Most of the fights become unbalanced quite early on as well, so not only is the game highly repetitive with very same-ish combat, but it’s too difficult to progress. If the devs aimed this at younger players with the on-rails combat, then the difficulty will definitely scare them away. Either give full freedom in controls, or make the game easier, but the current mix isn’t working out.

In conclusion, LEGO Bionicle 2 is a bit of a disappointment with tiresome combat, slow upgrades, two types of enemies and high difficulty spikes. I advise you to only give this one a try if you are really into Bionicle, but even then you will probably find it boring after a few hours.

LEGO Bionicle 2 Ratings

Artwork: The artwork of LEGO Bionicle 2 gets a 6/10. Honestly, the graphics of the game is rather disappointing, as not only the backgrounds and environment feels low resolution, but even the characters themselves, which would be the most important part of the visuals.

Music & SFX: As far as the music and SFX go, this title deserves a 5/10. The music is rather bland and generic, and while there are some traces of unique sounds, the overall audio experience is just poor. The SFX are not much better either, although they hit an average level at least.

Story & Originality: I give the story and originality of the game a 4/10. Sure, you could say that this is a Bionicle game, of which there isn’t too many, but that’s not enough of a reason for it to become original suddenly. The story is almost non-existent and the gameplay is very barebones for this to feel unique.

General Gameplay: The gameplay of LEGO Bionicle 2 gets a 3/10 from me. Just by looking at the screenshots you might expect this to be a good game, but it’s sadly not. The combat is on rails with very limited controls, battles are tiresome and repetitive. There isn’t much to do outside of battles either, and the upgrade system doesn’t provide any additional value to the game.

Addictiveness: I give the addictiveness rating of the game a 3/10 as well. I can’t imagine anyone feeling fully content with this title, and especially getting addicted to it seems impossible. There are just not enough features, and the existing ones are also done in a lackluster way for this to have a lasting appeal.

Overall Score: 4/10.