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Level Editor Coming to Badland As Beta Testing Kicks Off

Sep 23, 2015

It was only a couple years ago in April 2013 when Frogmind released Badland in the Apple App Store for a price of $3.99. It was hard to know when the game was released on iOS how it would turn out, but it quickly became a hit with the stunning graphics and compelling gameplay. Even though it was only a couple years ago, the visuals seemed ahead for the times, and the tap controls were simple and impressive. As with any iOS game, in order to be very successful you have to have simple tap controls, and this is what really sent Badland into a category by itself.


Frogmind has really went over and above since the release of the game to further Badland and it now stands as one of the most updated games in the iOS library. There have been many updates to the game, including new levels, missions, achievements, multiplayer modes, and many other important additions and elements to the game that have made it still appealing two years after release. Frogmind just announced that there is going to be a new level editor for Badland, which could end up being the biggest update for the game to date. The level editor is a more polished version that was used to create all of the official levels for the game, which means that Frogmind used the game editor to create everything you see in the game. In terms of what this means for the future of Badland, it really means the possibilities are nearly endless, and that is some really exciting news to hear if you are a fan of the game. What is even better is that if you want to publish a level that you created, you need to be able to beat that level, and then you can browse through the library of other published levels, and you can rate other peoples’ creations too. You can sort the levels created by the users in a number of ways, including difficulty, rating, and length. Frogmind will pick a special level each week which will be added to “Eternal Day” and this is going to show up on the main menu so that everyone can have access to it.

According to Frogmind, the level editor is still a work in progress, so it will be a few weeks before this new concept goes live. However, Frogmind is looking for beta testers to help check the early versions of the level editor, and if you are one of these special beta testers, you will also be able to make some of your own levels. Frogmind also is going to be choosing three of the best beta tester levels right before official launch, and these user-created levels are going to be featured in the game during launch. Not only t hat but the creators of these levels are going to get Badland gear and swag as a thank you from Frogmind, and of course you will gain some respect in the game if you are one of the few chosen for this special feature.

If this is starting to sound appealing to you, then you can go to the Badland website and check out the beta section of the website, which will tell you how you could have a chance to become a beta tester, and you can sign up to maybe be one of the few lucky ones to get into the beta testing. If you are not interested in the beta testing opportunity, that is cool too, because it’s likely a lot of people are going to apply and there are only so many spots available for this early version beta test. Keep your eyes and ears open because once the beta testing has commenced, the level editor will be heading out for all of the world to see. It is expected to launch very soon, although a specific date has not been announced, but look for the level editor to be available within the next 3 to 6 weeks more than likely. If you are someone who enjoys being creative and coming up with your own levels and your own gameplay, then this level editor sounds like something you would really enjoy. If you have ever played ROBLOX, then you will love this new level editor addition to Badland because ROBLOX has been the place to go where you can create and share your own creations with other players from around the world. So if you are interested in this new level editor, then keep your eyes open for the launch in the next month or so.