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LG X cam, X screen Revealed Globally

Mar 23, 2016

LG X cam, X screen Revealed Globally: The previous month, LG company has said that they would be releasing their LG X series very soon and now its time for their rolling out. Just as decided, they now inform all the fans that they will be making the two smart phones available from this Tuesday. Thus, finally the two gadgets starts their sales worldwide.LG X cam

LG X cam, X screen Revealed Globally

The two smart phones- the LG X Cam and the LG X screen belong to the C series. The mobiles were announced at the MWC 2016. At first, they were launched in South Korea and now the sales are expanding to the rest of the world covering the key places of Asia and Europe. The information regarding the variants that will be launched in India is no known yet.

The significant part of both the gadgets is that they have their own field of excellent features respectively that make them demanding.

The LG X series focuses mainly on the improvement of the camera quality and the display technology which is something very unique. There are fabulous dual cameras present in the LG X Cam at the rear portion and the phone also features a 3d bending glass technology. Thus, the phone has a curved structure at the top portion. The thickness of the phone is 5.2 mm and the weight of the phone is approx 118 grams.LG X screen

On the other hand, the LG X Screen has the always on feature which we are familiar with in the V10 series and well as certain premium phones. It is also heard that the LG G5 smart phone will also feature this technology- that is the always on mode. The LG X Screen sports a screen size of 4.93 inches which is sufficient. There is a second screen too which is 1.76 inches and is present at the top of the primary screen.  The second will provide you with all the information like calls, messages and other important notifications. Thus, you can keep a track of your notifications while you are still working on a certain app. This will minimize interruption.