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Live Traffic Delays for Buses & More Featured in Latest Google Maps Update

Jul 5, 2019

Google Maps for iOS and Android just updated again this week with a new feature. This new feature is a fairly big deal for people because it’s all about transit-related information. Live traffic delays for various types of public transportation, such as buses, are now part of this update.

We have told you about several updates in the past few months on Google Maps. All of these updates recently are geared towards giving you a better experience in real time. We are very excited for this new update and think you will be too so keep reading to learn all about it.

Live Traffic Delays for Buses Part of Huge Google Maps iOS & Android Update

If you use Google Maps on your iOS or Android device, you might want to check out the new update rolling out right now. This new update is considered major because it’s bringing a ton of transit-related new features to the app. The biggest feature you will find is that you now have real-time traffic delay details for buses. You can see all of these traffic delays even if the transit agency itself does not give out real-time information.

This means that if you use a bus as a means of public transportation, you can check Google Maps to see if the bus is going to be late. You also can see how long the trip will take via bus and how long any delays might be. Google Maps is also going to show you where those delays are located, so you can better plan and have a better idea of what to expect. It’s really a nifty feature because even if that transit agency doesn’t give out this real-time information, you will now get it right from Google Maps.

Google Maps Update Adds Crowd Predictions for Buses & Other Transit

There is also another cool new feature in Google Maps that is also focused on transit-related issues. You will now see what is called a crowdedness prediction and this will be available for all kinds of transit-related routes. Google Maps goes through the history of ride information to give you more details on the crowd expected for the public transportation you are using.

You are going to see how crowded the subway, train, or bus is expected to be based on these past ride details. This is really going to be useful because it gives you the ability to better plan which transportation you should use. If you are someone who likes to avoid crowds, the ability for Google Maps to give you an estimate on crowd size is a great addition. All of these new changes are transit-related and will give you a much better experience overall.

How to Get New Google Maps Traffic Delay Details for Buses & More

If you would like to check out all of the new features found in Google Maps, you will need to update to the newest version of the app. It’s live now for both iOS and Android and all of these transit-related features are going to be included in the update. There are even more new features that we don’t have the time to mention here. The newest transit-related features will be available in more than 200 cities around the world with more cities being added in the future.

Once you have had a chance to try out these transit-related features, we want to know what you think about them in the comments below. Do you like how there is a prediction available for crowd size based on the type of transportation you are going to use? Is this going to help you plan better to avoid bigger crowds? Are you someone who will use the live traffic delay details for buses and other types of public transit? What else do you hope Google adds in Google Maps in future updates?