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Lords of Waterdeep Released on Android & More

Sep 3, 2017

If you have an iOS or Android device, you might want to know about the news regarding Lords of Waterdeep. This mobile game is finally available on Android and beyond that, there is important news about the iOS version of the game. Read on to learn more about Lords of Waterdeep and what is going on in both the Android and the iOS versions of the game.

Lords of Waterdeep Now Available on Google Play Store

Playdek Inc., has released an Android version of the hit Dungeons and Dragons game Lords of Waterdeep. This is great news for Android users because for a long time, Android users were left out of playing this cool Dungeons and Dragons game. Beyond the release of the game, we thought we would also tell you that this game is $4.99 to purchase for a limited time.

The limited-time lower price is available on both iOS and Android. The Android version of the game, as well as the iOS version of the game, also has in-app purchases that you can buy as well. You also should know that with Lords of Waterdeep on Android, you will have the ability to purchase the Skullport and Undermountain expansions.

As far as the iOS version of Lords of Waterdeep goes, we have some good news here too. People thought that Lords of Waterdeep would be forever gone with the release of iOS 11. We have about one week until iOS 11 is released, which means one week until all 32-bit apps are obsolete. Even though Lords of Waterdeep was 32-bit on iOS, we have good news for those of you who are worried.

The iOS version of this game is now 64-bit. Just in time for the iOS 11 release, the app developers have finally upgraded the app to make it compatible with the new operating system. This means that you will be able to upgrade to iOS 11, and not worry about losing your Lords of Waterdeep game.

Lords of Waterdeep Price Drops As Android Version is Released

To celebrate both the Android release of Lords of Waterdeep and the upgrade to 64-bit on iOS, the game is also on sale. For a limited time, you will be able to get the game for $4.99. The lower price is about half off the normal price of $9.99. This means that whether you are on iOS or Android, now is going to be the best time to check out this popular Dungeons and Dragons mobile game. We do not know how long this game will be $4.99, so you better hurry and get the game now before the price goes back up.

As far as the game goes, this is a cross-compatible game, which means you will be able to play with people on both iOS and Android. If you have an Android device, you can play with those on iOS and if you are on iOS, you can play with those on Android.

Since Lords of Waterdeep is a cross-compatible game, it will be much easier to find players that will want to run around with you. You can have anywhere from 2 to 5 players in most situations. A couple of the expansions, such as Undermountain, allow you to have up to 6 players.

There is both a real-time and a asynchronous multiplayer aspect to this game. Another part of this game is the artificial intelligence opponents, which are very good. There is a Card Gallery and Rulebook in this game, as well as public or private online game statistics.

Another cool thing is that this game plays easily and great on both phones and tablets, on both iOS and Android. If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and board games, Lords of Waterdeep is a great game to pick up this week.