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Love Your Android? Protect It!

Jun 2, 2017

Quick, what’s the one thing that you cannot live without? For most of us, our answer is probably our cell phones. These days, smartphones are so pervasive and well-known that there is a high chance you’re using it to read this article. Many people are so attached to their phones that they have actual anxiety if they are ever separated. Unfortunately, as handy and convenient as they are, they can be remarkably susceptible to attack from hackers and thieves. As such, today we are going to make sure that your Droid is secure with these helpful tips.

Don’t Use Unsecured Networks

Because we don’t have unlimited data plans for our phones, we usually rely on Wi-Fi to cover the difference and ensure that we aren’t hit with a massive charge each month. However, you want to be careful about which networks you use, as those without any password protection can be hacked. Worst of all, they can pinpoint your phone’s location and use the network to gain access without your knowledge.

Password Protection

If you haven’t already, use a password to lock your phone when you’re not using it. That way, if it’s ever stolen, no one can get into it and discover all of your private information. Fortunately, newer models use biometric (fingerprint) systems to make it even better for you, so use that if you can.

Download an Antivirus

Finally, to protect yourself against online threats, you want an antivirus app that will monitor your online activity as well as your device to spot and remove any malicious software. If you want the best app, then AVG is the one to choose, as it has the best features and it’s completely free.

No matter what, the more attention you can pay to your phone’s safety and security, the less you’ll need to worry about your data being stolen.