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Mac App Store Getting Major Overhaul in 2018

Jun 8, 2018

We have learned a lot of things this week about Apple, and one of the biggest things we learned is the company is going to overhaul the Mac Store this year. The update to the Mac App Store is going to make it look more like the iOS App Store. There is a lot of excitement around the Mac App Store update, since it is being redone from the ground up. We have all of the details of the Mac App Store redesign, so keep reading to learn more.

Mac App Store Redesign Coming in Fall 2018

The really good news is that Apple has finally decided to bring the Mac App Store up to par with what the iOS App Store looks like. You will find that once this update is complete, it will look just like the App Store you see on your iOS device. The entire Mac Store is being redone from the ground up, including for macOS Mojave. There are many new features coming to the Mac App Store as well, including a side bar that will feature things like a Developer tab as well as Work, Create, Play, and Discover tabs.

The Mac App Store first launched back in 2011, and it is the primary place people go to find Mac apps. Using this store also is one of the safest places you can go to get all kinds of apps for your Mac PC. The downside is that it has not really been overhauled or changed since it launched, so it was definitely time for some changes to take place.

There will be editorial content in the new Mac Store, as well as human curation that is going to be a big part of how the new Mac store looks. Looking at the editorial content, you will see the games and apps that are the most popular in the Mac App Store right now. Click the Discover tab to find all of this useful information, including things like tips, interviews, and app collections.

Mac App Store Redesign Gives it the iOS App Store Feel

When it comes to the Mac App Store changes, you will notice that the app pages have a ton of more details included in them. This will include big screenshots, reviews, ratings, and video previews. All of these things are now in the front and in the center of the page, so you will notice it all right off the bat.

There will still be the dedicated tab you can use to browse the various Categories in the Mac Store too. It will be a lot easier now to access your updates and downloads for other Microsoft products, since other changes will be added to the Mac App Store as well.

These other changes include certain other apps from Microsoft that will now be available in the Mac App Store. The other apps soon to become available include Microsoft Office, BBEdit, CC, Transmit, and Houseparty. When it comes to Microsoft Office coming to the Mac App Store, Microsoft is very happy with this change. It will allow you to get to all of your downloads and files with ease, and it will make productivity and business a lot better.

When Can You Download the New Mac App Store?

We are not entirely sure the exactly release date for the new Mac App Store, but we know it will be sometime in the fall of 2018. Apple just announced these changes for the Mac App Store this week, so we hope to learn more about it in the near future. There likely will be more announcements made later this summer on other new features coming to the new Mac App Store. We will definitely keep you informed when we hear about other features and changes coming.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of the news about the Mac App Store redesign. Do you think it is about time that Apple focus some attention on the Mac store? Is the addition of several apps like Office going to be useful for you in your business? What apps are you hoping to find in the new and updated Mac Store? Tell us your concerns and things you are most excited about in the comment section below.