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MacID Unlocks Your Mac With Touch ID

Oct 30, 2015

MacID is an iOS application, which allows Touch ID to be used to unlock Mac computers. After a new update from developers, it’s now much better than ever. The update has officially been released, and fans seem to be very pleased with it.

Version 1.3


The updated version of MacID, version 1.3, is now available to download on iOS and OS X devices. The developers claim that the update brings a whole length of the features. First of all, developers say that the tab bar in MacID has been removed – it has been replaced very simple settings icon, which is supposedly much easier to use and looks a lot nicer too. However, this is not all the update brings. When using new iPhones, with 6S and 6S Plus, users are able to perform the new 3D Touch gesture. By performing a set gesture, the application will show the user their four most recently used computers – this is very quick and easy to do, and it’s also extremely useful for some.

Also on the iOS version of MacID, users are able to create shortcuts, unlock using Spotlight search in iOS 9, and the application is also of a much smaller file size – this is thanks to the use of the new App Thinning feature within iOS 9. On top of that, the update brings a lot of bug fixes was minor improvements, such as support for other languages other than English.

When using the Apple Watch, MacID which will take advantage of watchOS 2. Because of this. MacID will now run natively on watches, as long they are using the latest operating system, so it will now be faster and more convenient to use. Also, Macs can be locked remotely from the watch, by using force touch gesture. On the top of that, haptic feedback is also used in MacID for the Apple Watch – however, this can still be disabled and settings of the application if the user does not find it useful.

MacID is extremely clever and intuitive application. Unlocking a Mac computer using an iPhone is extremely useful for some people, and also adds an extra level of security. MacID is a great solution until Apple starts off Touch ID on Mac computers. With the new update, MacID is much more useful, faster, easier to use.


The iOS application currently costs $0.99 from the App Store. As of now, it will not work with Windows machines. This could be a possibility in the future, although it does not seem as if the developers will be making this step anytime soon.

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