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Majority of Amazon Echo Owners Have iOS Devices

Oct 5, 2017

We have an interesting study to report that shows most of the people owning an Amazon Echo have an iOS device. Those with an Amazon Echo prefer Apple to Android, which is pretty interesting results. If you do not know about the Amazon Echo, it will basically tell you anything you need to know. It is part of the Smart Home system and is similar to the Google Home speaker. We have the latest study from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, so continue reading to learn more.

Amazon Echo Owners Prefer iOS Over Android

The biggest news to come out of this study is that those who own an Amazon Echo prefer iOS to Android. This conclusion comes from a study by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. In the study, the firm talked with 300 people who owned Google Home and Amazon Echo. The study began on July 11 and ended on July 27. The research showed that people who own the Amazon Echo were more likely to own an iOS device over an Android device.

Either way you go though, those that own an Amazon Echo clearly do not seem to care about privacy that much. If you are unaware of the Amazon Echo controversy with privacy, you should definitely check that out. That is a whole different issue in and of itself.

Specifically, 55 percent of those who owned an Amazon Echo owned an iPhone. The rest of the group owned an Android device. Interestingly enough, out of the people who owned a Google Home, 75 percent of them owned an Android phone. When you look at the share Apple has in the American market, it is only about 34 percent. Most people in America own an Android device. That makes the report much more unique since it shows such a higher amount of people in the study owning an iOS device over an Android device.

Amazon Echo Study Provides Insight Into Mobile Phone Preferences

When it comes to the study results with Android, it seems similar to what the Android market share is in the United States. Most companies have done studies that show Android has about 55 percent of the market share in America. This means that according to this study, Amazon Echo owners prefer Android less than the market share for the United States.

We can assume that because Android in this study was about 45 percent. The numbers are close enough that the proportions were similar and consistent. It was really cool to see just how many of the Amazon Echo owners have an Android device. Like we said, since Android has a bigger market share in America, you would think more people would own Android smartphones.

The study by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, also known as CIRP, also looked at tablet ownership. The Amazon Echo owners still gravitated towards the Apple iPad over any Android tablet. The iPad took about 49 percent of the Amazon Echo owners, with 25 going to the Amazon Fire tablet. That means that number of Amazon Echo owners who had an Android tablet were even less than the phone ownership.

While you might not think that this study was very important, it does show some unique things that could help Amazon. It also could help Amazon when it comes to developing new apps and products. This is because a majority of those that own an Amazon Echo own an iOS device. It could help Amazon tailor iOS apps specifically for the Amazon Echo owners.