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How to Make Your iPhone & iPad Stronger Against Hackers

May 2, 2016

How to Make Your iPhone & iPad Stronger Against Hackers: Today everyone wants to keep their smartphones safe from the prying eyes, so here is what you can do now to make it harder for anyone who is trying to break into your apple iPad or iPhone.apple security

How to Make Your iPhone & iPad Stronger Against Hackers

1. Enable the self-destruct mode after then after 10failed passcode attempts wiping your phone clean:

Set your iPhone to automatically erase all the data after the 10 failed passcode attempts and this can be done by using the following steps

Settings – Touch ID & Passcode – Erase Data

2. Pick a better passcode:

GOOD- Turn on the passcode if off on your device, then enter a 4-digit passcode.apple touch id & passcode

BETTER- It would be better if you change to a 6-digit passcode, as this will make it more difficult to guess.apple touch security

EVEN BETTER- Change the passcode to a mix of 6 character with letters and numbers, this will be more reliable. Apple also estimated that it would take 5 years to hack a mix of the 6 numbers with the lowercase letters.apple passcode

BEST- It will be best if you change to an 11-character passcode, as it could take very long time for guessing.

How will your phone help to slow down intruders by increasing delays between the failed passcode attempts:

  • 1-4 attempts: there will be no delay
  • 5 attempts: delay of 1 minute
  • 6 attempts: delay of 5 minutes
  • 7-8 attempts: delay of 15 minutes
  • 9 attempts: delay of 1 hour


You can also turn on Find my iPhone feature so that you can remotely wipe each and every detail of your life from a stolen or lost iPhone or iPad.

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