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Malwarebytes Launches on iOS With Call Protection & More

Aug 7, 2018

We have great news if you are looking for security software for your iOS device because Malwarebytes just launched on iOS. You probably have heard about Malwarebytes before, since it has been the main security software for Mac devices. The security software also has been popular among those on Windows too, and now it is coming to iOS. We have all of the latest details about Malwarebytes finally coming to iOS, so keep reading to learn more.

Malwarebytes Finally Comes to iOS With Call Protection

There are many features in the Malwarebytes iOS app, including call protection. This feature will protect you from incoming calls that are thought to be scammers. It will tell you that the number calling is a suspected scammer, and then you have the option to report that number. The security software is able to reference a huge list of the known scammers in order to tell you that the number is suspected as a scammer.

You will also see that the call protection can even block local numbers that are actually scam calls. With call protection, you will never have to worry about accidentally blocking a Contact number either, which means all important calls go through as normal. There are also ways that you can customize the call protection too. You can just block the suspected scam callers or you can screen incoming calls. While call protection is one of the best features on Malwarebytes for iOS, there are more that we wanted to tell you about too.

Malwarebytes iOS App Brings Message Protection

Not only do you get call protection in Malwarebytes for iOS, but you also get message protection too. If you are annoying with scam messages, then you will love this feature. It will put the scam messages into a junk tab within your messages app. Just like with call protection, it will compare the incoming messages to known scam message numbers. It also can tell you when a link is phishing or not, and it allows you to stay safe when it comes to incoming messages. The filtering option is great, and the fact no filtering of Contacts is done ensures you continue to get important messages from your Contacts.

There is also web protection in the Malwarebytes iOS app, which helps you stay safe while browsing the web on your mobile device. You will be safe from phishing scams and also get warnings about malicious websites. Other online threats can also be detected, which is great because it is hard to stay safe on mobile. If you accidentally do click a link that is phishing or malicious, the app will block the link or website from loading.

Malwarebytes iOS App Also Brings Advertisement Blocking

Advertisement blocking and tracker blocking are also part of the Malwarebytes iOS app. Safari will not load the advertisements or advertisement trackers if you have the app installed. If you go to shady websites, you will love the new advertisement and tracker blocking protections. You will definitely want to check out Malwarebytes if you need new iOS protection.

Malwarebytes is free to download on Apple’s App Store, but the free version comes with limited features. If you use the free version, you will get the advertisement and tracker blocking along with the text message filtering. If you want the web protection and call protection, then you need to upgrade to the Premium paid version of Malwarebytes. The cost for Premium is $11.99 each year or $1.49 per month, which is still a great deal. You can also use this app on your iPod or iPad, although you will not get the text message filtering or call protection.

If you have tried out the new Malwarebytes app for iOS, we want to know what you think about it. Is this an app you will find useful on your iPhone? What feature are you most excited about trying out? Are you going to get the free version or download the Premium version for all of the features and access to everything the app has to offer? Let us know what you think of the app once you have had a chance to try it out for yourself. If you know of other security apps for iOS that you like, tell us about those too.