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Mapstr Comes out of Beta with New Features

Aug 19, 2015

mapstr2Mapstr is a very unique and interesting application – think of it as a tool for bookmarking your favourite places, rather than your favourite website. You can bookmark anything – from your favourite restaurant, to your favourite bar or even your favourite park.

It was in an open beta stage for quite some time, but the developers behind Mapstr have recently bought out version 1.0 which brings some new and interesting features which make the app much more useful and practical in general.

When you open the app, things are similar to the previous beta versions. You will be presented with a full screen map – you can pan around this map to your heart’s content, and look at any of your previous bookmarked areas from a birds-eye view.

Tapping your bookmarks will give you more details, just like before. As well as that, the drawer on the left to find and discover new places (like a new restaurant, or a cocktail bar) still remains there, just like before. On top of that, you can still check opening hours, just like in the previous Mapstr versions.

A Social Application with a Difference

Mapstr is a social application, but it has a difference. Rather than checking in, as you would be doing on Facebook or Foursquare, you bookmark your favourite places so you can spend more time with your friends and family in the places you like. If you can’t think of it like a bookmark, think of it as an interactive logbook full of places you like to spend time with your friends at.

The Update (Version 1.0)

Here’s the interesting stuff; version 1.0! With Mapstr, you can now make your own personal user account. This keeps your data stored – if you lose your phone, you will no longer lose your locations you love. You can also use multiple different devices (or smartphones), so that you can find the places you love no matter where you are.

That is not all that comes with version 1.0 – there is more than that! You’re able to add your friends, so that you can now visit your friends personal favourite restaurants, parks, and shops.

Rather than adding all of your friends’ locations to your map, which would corrupt your own hard work, everything is kept separate – just click your friend’s name, and see their locations.

The last feature that was added is small, but means a lot to most users. You can now add private addresses to your list, meaning that your friends won’t be able to see them if they load up your map.

The company behind Mapstr guarantees that they will not add any advertisements into the application in the future – just new, non-intrusive, and initiative features.

The application is currently for iOS devices only.

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