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March 2017 Android Security Update Bulletin Released

Mar 6, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that the newest Android Security Bulletin has been released. This Android Security Bulletin is for March 2017, and it will be hitting Pixel and Nexus devices first. Continue reading to learn more about the newest security update hitting Android right now.

New Android Security Bulletin Released

It is that time again as Google has released the March 2017 Android Security Bulletin update. This new security update for Android is going to be rolling out to Pixel devices and Nexus devices first. It will then begin rolling out to other Android devices within the next couple weeks. In terms of the non-Pixel and non-Nexus devices, the new security update will be hitting in spurts, so some people will get the update in a week while others might have to wait a couple weeks or a little longer.

If you are on a Nexus or Pixel device, you will want to keep your eyes open for this update because it is rolling out right now to those devices. If you do not see the notification showing up on your status bar, you can always go into the Settings and check to see if the new March security update has arrived yet. There are two patch levels available with this new update, with one being March 1 patch level string and the second being the March 5 patch level string.

The March 1 security update is basically a partial update and focuses on the specific device changes that need to be made. The March 5 security update is a complete update that fixes those issues from the March 1 update and other issues that have become vulnerabilities to Android devices. All supported Google devices will be getting the March 5 patch since this is the biggest security update and also the most complete.

The March 2017 Security Bulletin will be fixing a number of issues on Android, including many bugs that are critical in nature. There are really 8 different issues that have been marked as critical, with a lot of these issues being with the CVEs. 5 out of the 8 critical issues impact Google devices and 3 of the 8 issues affect non-Google devices. There are a ton of high-risk vulnerabilities as well that this new security update will patch too.

If you are talking about the critical issues, one of those issues is that NVIDIA GPU driver vulnerability in the elevation of privilege. There is also vulnerability with the elevation of privilege in the GPU driver for Qualcomm that will be fixed with this update. A lot of these issues were found by Google and the partners were all notified at or before February 6 according to Google itself.

The good news with this new security update is that a lot of the critical issues on Android are finally being addressed and fixed. The elevation of privilege vulnerabilities are really important to get fixed because it could lead to someone hacking into your Android device or a malicious program taking over your device if the patch is not put into place. Since Android is an open-source platform, the risk is always higher of the possibility of malware or ransomware ending up on your Android device.

There were only a few low-risk issues that were fixed in this update, which makes sense because Google seems to be more focused on getting the critical and high-risk vulnerabilities fixed before anything else. Some of these issues had been going on for a little while now, so is about time that Google release the patches to fix these critical bugs and vulnerabilities. As we mentioned, this new security update for March 2017 should be rolling out to Pixel and Nexus devices right now.

If you do not see the update yet and you do not want to wait, you can head to Settings to see if the update has already become available for your device. If you are on a different Android device, then you might need to wait a few weeks for the update to roll out to your Android device. If you are on a non-Google device, the update might take a little while longer to roll out to you since it is up to the manufacturer when this update rolls out to your device. You can expect that within the next few weeks most Android users should have this new security update.