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Mario Kart Tour Adds Multiplayer Mode

Jan 29, 2020

We’re happy to report that Nintendo announced this week a change to Mario Kart Tour on both iOS and Android. The change is that you’ll now have multiplayer mode available to you on Mario Kart Tour, which will surely make the game much better to play. You may remember that this game launched in September 2019, both for iOS and Android, but without the ability to play with other people. Read on to learn more details about the changes to Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Mode Available on iOS & Android

If you love playing Mario Kart Tour, then you’ll love the new addition of multiplayer mode to the popular mobile game for iOS and Android. This game was released nearly five months ago now, but when it was released multiplayer mode wasn’t a part of the game. People were not happy about the lack of multiplayer mode and made their frustration known to Nintendo.

Nintendo listened to the people and has finally decided to bring multiplayer mode to the mobile game, and it’s going to enhance your gaming experience. You’ll no longer need to just play against the timer or the computer now since you have the option to play against your real friends. You can still play against the computer or the timer if you want, but many people rather just play through multiplayer mode.

Mario Kart Tour Adds Option to Unlock Multiplayer Mode

If you’re wondering how to get to the multiplayer mode in Mario Kart Tour, it’s actually really easy. You will need to unlock a cup in order to have access to the multiplayer mode, and then head over to the menu after you’ve unlocked a cup. When you get to the menu, you’ll see the option to go to the multiplayer mode and it really is that easy to access.

A couple of interesting details about Mario Kart Tour you may not know is that this game was never released on a Nintendo console and it’s the first game specifically for smart devices. In this game, you will actually play against or play as any of the various characters that you’d find in Mario world itself. This includes Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and Yoshi, and you just drive around and through various courses. There are many obstacles in the game and it’s set in the world of Mushroom Kingdom.

Are You a Fan of Mario Kart Tour on Mobile?

In Mario Kart Tour you also will have Power-Ups and many other features, which will allow you to have certain types of advantages during the races. Not only do you have favorite locations within Mario world in the game, but there are also real-world locations you’ll notice.

One detail about the multiplayer mode that you should know is that it just was taken out of the testing phase on January 28. That means it’s still possible glitches or bugs could be around and it could take a few weeks for any remaining glitches to be worked out by Nintendo.

In the comment section below, we want to hear your own critiques and opinions of Mario Kart Tour. Is this a game you’ve already started playing or are you just now hearing about the mobile game? Were you one of the first people in your group to play the game or is everyone playing it that you know?

Do you think adding multiplayer mode is going to make this game more enjoyable to fans? Are you excited to finally be able to play against real people in the game instead of the computer or timer? Let us know below whether or not you’re one of the millions of people who are fans of Mario and the Mario world.