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Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Registrations on Android Now Open

May 2, 2019

The wait is about over for Mario Kart Tour which should be heading to Android within the next month. In anticipation for the launch of this game on Android, Nintendo has opened up the closed beta registrations. This is great news because it means we are one step closer to getting the game on Android.

This is really great news for fans of Mario looking for a new mobile game to try out this summer. We are ecstatic that Nintendo will be launching this racing franchise on mobile and what a better way to start than on Android? Keep reading to learn more about Mario Kart Tour and the upcoming launch on Android.

Mario Kart Tour Heading to Android Very Soon

We know that Mario Kart Tour will be coming to Android in May 2019, but this will be the closed beta of the game only. If you would like to get in on the closed beta of Mario Kart Tour on Android, then you can submit an application right now. The application process itself will continue until May 7, and then applications will be closed for the game. That means you have over a week to get your application in if you would like to possibly join this closed beta.

If you are wondering when the actual beta test is for Mario Kart Tour, it will begin on May 22 and run for two weeks. That means you will have from May 22 until June 4 to play the game on Android. The applicants will be randomly selected, which is bad news for some people.

Just because you submitted your application early doesn’t mean you will be getting into the closed beta. Even if you send in an application, it does not mean you will be one of the people selected because spots are limited. It’s very likely that the number of people submitting applications will greatly exceed the number of spots Nintendo has open for this closed beta.

Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Begins in May for Android Only

We do know that Mario Kart Tour will be released for both iOS and Android, although the closed beta that will soon begin is only open to those on Android. We do not see a closed beta opportunity coming for those on iOS, which is a little bit unfortunate for those running on Apple devices. Even if those on iOS don’t get the opportunity to be part of the closed beta, we shouldn’t have to wait long for the official launch of the game.

Speaking a little more about the closed beta, you must be a resident of either Japan or the United States in order to try out the game. You will also need to link your Nintendo account to a Gmail account in order to be part of the closed beta.

Nintendo has been pretty secretive overall about Mario Kart Tour, including not revealing much information about the game itself. The game was announced in January 2018 and was supposed to be released in March 2019. That was delayed and now Nintendo is saying it will be a summer launch for Mario Kart Tour.

Other Details Known about Mario Kart Tour

While we don’t have official confirmation, a report from a year ago said that Mario Kart Tour will be a game like Super Mario Run in terms of it being free-to-start. With Super Mario Run, you could play some levels for free but then had to pay $10 after you beat the first world to continue on in the game. We don’t know how much Mario Kart Tour will cost or if this game will have that same free-to-start concept like Super Mario Run.

Dr. Mario World is also scheduled to launch this summer, so we have two great Nintendo games to look forward to this summer. Just like with Mario Kart Tour, we don’t have too many details about Dr. Mario World although we know it’s a free-to-play game that is in the puzzle genre. Dr. Mario is a highly successful franchise so we know people who love Dr. Mario will enjoy that game. Other than those details, we are still waiting to hear more about Mario Kart Tour.

Hopefully, once the closed beta begins, more details will leak out and we can tell you more about the game and price of the game. In the comments below, we would love to hear from you on whether or not you will be submitting an application for this closed beta. Are you someone who is going to be playing Mario Kart Tour when it launches this summer? What other Nintendo classics do you hope make the leap into the mobile gaming world?