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Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats & Tricks 2018

May 21, 2017

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a match-three puzzle game that is free on both iOS and Android. This game just got an update on April 24. In the update, there are new events and characters as well as character balance changes. Bug fixes and the disabling of multi-window mode was also a part of this update.

If you have never heard of Marvel Puzzle Quest before, it is a match-three puzzle game that uses the Marvel heroes and characters. You can create your own Dream Team in the game including with heroes and villains like Captain America, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and many more. You will be able to get character rewards if you win the Tournaments or win in Season Play or the Alliances.

You can become allies with your friends and use the chat when you are in the epic battles. There are over 8 million players of this game and you will be able to play with people from all over the world. If you like match-three puzzle games and also love Marvel, then this is the perfect combination of both worlds. If you are interested in playing this game, it is available right now on Android and iOS for free. Beyond telling you about the game, we also thought we would tell you some cool tips and tricks for the game. These tips and tricks will help you get through the game and make the most out of the superheroes and villains.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats, Tips & Hacks 2018

Set Time Ahead- One trick that you can do in Marvel Puzzle Quest like with many other games is to move the clock ahead. You can set the clock on your Android or iOS device ahead a few hours so you will not need to use any of your heal powers to recover. You might think this is a dumb idea but it will save you a lot of real time and a lot of heal powers that you might need later on.

If you do set the time ahead, if you ever go back to the normal time, you will lose heals if you have used them at any point while the time was ahead. You can move the time ahead on your mobile device as much as you want, just remember what you have the date set to if you go from real time to the ahead time.

Scorpio and Spider-Man for the Win- One cool tip we can tell you in Marvel Puzzle Quest is to use the combination of Spider-Man and Scorpio. These two might have been enemies in the Marvel series, but they are very useful together in this game. Spider-Man of course, has the Web Bandage skills, and Scorpio has abilities as well. You will be able to quickly heal those in your party without working for it or using too many heal abilities.

Some Battles Aren’t Worth Skipping If you are playing in a PvP event, you need to know that sometimes you just cannot win the battle but you do not want to skip it. There is a cost if you skip the battles, including ISO and Bonus, so you really do not want to skip them. The best thing to do is just try as hard as you can and sometimes you are just going to lose the battle.

Free Characters Come in Handy- If you are just starting out in Marvel Puzzle Quest, you want to make sure you use the free characters. You can add these free characters onto your team and they will come in handy, since they have some useful skills and combinations. For example, Black Widow, Storm, and Iron Man are all very compatible and useful when you are first starting out. The free characters have a ton of combinations that you can use in battle and that will come in handy if you give them a chance. Anytime you do not have to pay for a character, it is well worth your time and effort to use them to the best of their abilities.

Sell Duplicates- You also want to make sure you are selling your duplicate cards. You cannot use duplicate cards while in battle, so it basically becomes pointless to have them. You will be able to get some ISO-8 out of the deal and it is a win-win for everyone. Someone that does not have the card might be willing to pay some really good money for it and it is something you cannot use anyway so why not?

Do Weekly Tournaments– In Marvel Puzzle Quest, there are weekly PvP Tournaments that you should definitely be a part of. You can end up on the top if you win and you will earn a ton of cool rewards in the process. You can get Prestige Points as well as new characters, and a lot more if you just participate and win some.

Remember What Colors Are What Types of Attacks– In Marvel Puzzle Quest, you will really need to try to remember which colors that show up go with which attacks. The colors and your character attacks will correspond, so you need to remember which ones are for what. An example is that some of the colors will be for the special attacks. You need to remember which are for the special attacks, since you should use them first, and which are regular attacks. The colors will all be different for each of your characters. This means that if you switch your characters a lot, it could be more difficult to keep track.

Replay Single Player Missions- One thing you really need to do is make sure you replay the Single Player Missions. This will help you get more ISO-8 which is something that is limited in the game. If you already were rewarded with the other prizes in the Single Player Missions, there is more of a chance you will get the ISO-8 as the reward. Keep going through these missions to rack up as much ISO-8 as you can. There are also some multiplayer battles you can go into in order to get even more ISO-8. It is much easier and quicker for you though, if you just replay the Single Player Missions that you have already completed since they will be familiar to you.