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Marvel “Secret Wars” Event Happening Now

Sep 23, 2015

Marvel is doing a special event right now called “Secret Wars” which is taking over both Spider-Man Unlimited and Marvel Future Fight. The creative director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, talked about a big update coming for both Future Fight and Spider-Man Unlimited in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.


Rosemann said these updates were coming on August 26, which is today, and it has all comic book fans anxious for the “Secret Wars” event. New characters will be coming to Marvel Future Fight, as well as a lot of new costumes that you will be able to grab for your existing characters. Some of the new characters include Singularity, She-Hulk, and Sister Grimm. As for the existing characters getting the Secret Wars-themed costumes, be on the lookout for Black Widow, Angela, Bullseye, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Groot, Kingpin, Maestro, Spider-Man, and Venom. A new tournament event is also going to be added to Marvel Future Fight which is going to be Taskmaster’s Killiseum.

When it comes to Spider-Man Unlimited, it has been not doing quite as well recently, even with old events being brought back such as the Valentine’s Day event. So the Secret Wars update is going to be coming to the game too, and it will add an alliance mode, and a storyline will be added that will connect to Spider-Island. You might also see a Spider-Woman that has not been added to the game yet showing up, so there is definitely some new characters and features coming to the struggling game in hopes it will get fans interested in playing again. There will also be an update coming out in September for the game, which will center on the “Renew Your Vows” story arc, and Annie Parker, Agent Venom, and Madame Web are going to be added during that time. Just think about it, you will be able to run through the New York skyline, or climb or run as many of your favorite characters, including Madame Web, which is very cool.

The update for Marvel Future Fight has already hit all of the territories, so make sure you go into your updates and update this game quickly so that you can get all of the new characters and stories that are to be found in this Secret Wars update. It also appears that the Spider-Man Unlimited update is beginning too, although it might not yet be in every territory, but make sure you keep an eye on your updates because as soon as it is available, that is where you will see it first. If you do not have either of these games yet, what are you waiting for? They are both available for free in the App Store, so you can download them now and have a blast,and then get ready to download the Secret Wars update tonight, which is going to make the game that much more exciting for you. Even if you have yet to play either Marvel game, you know that the Secret Wars update is something special, because it’s something that the comic book guys are very much a fan of, and it is going to be adding a lot of new elements to the game.

Whenever Marvel has an event, it is always sure to be a big event, and it crosses into the multiple games and platforms, which makes it even better because you can have a chance at the events whether you are on Android or iOS devices. You are going to really notice a lot of new costumes in the game, so make sure you are ready to begin thinking about what you want all of your characters to be wearing, and remember that each costumer has unique traits to it, which means you might actually have to take a few minutes to really find out what costume you want to use for each character. Enjoy the update and make sure that you get both updates going because this Secret Wars event is going to be huge.