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Messages App Crashing on iOS Devices Due to Bug

Jan 6, 2017

When it comes to iOS 10, there have been many bugs that have affected the operating system ever since it was released. There is a new iOS bug out there now, which can impact both iOS 10 and even iOS 9, and this bug has to do with the Messages app. There is a bug that is causing the Messages app on iOS devices to crash, and this is the second bug of similar consequence in the past couple months.

New iOS Bug Crashes Messages App

When it comes to iOS, there is a new Messages bug that is impacting people who have both iOS 9 and iOS 10 out there. The new issue is causing the Messages app to crash and it seems there is not an easy way to fix this issue. When it comes to what the problem is, there is a video on YouTube, by the user vincedes3. If you watch the full video, you end up getting a contact card through the Messages app. This will then cause the Messages app to freeze up and then if you try to reopen the app, it will cause the app to freeze completely.


This new iOS bug impacts people on iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 10.1, and iOS 10.2. This means that a lot of people who have iOS devices will be impacted by this new Messages app issue. Most people either are running iOS 9 or iOS 10, so you need to be aware of this YouTube video and the related crash that it will cause your device. Basically, the contact will send you a contact file that is malicious, and then it will say the file is too big for the Messages app. Since the file is too big for the Messages app to read the right way, it will cause the app to freeze up and crash. Since it is too big, it will continue to crash every time you try to reopen the app. If you tap the contact card, the app will go back to the home screen, but the freezes again if you try to re-launch the Messages app.

When it comes to Apple, you should not really expect a patch for this new iOS bug. That is because this is one of those problems on your iOS device that you should be able to solve yourself. The simple solution is to just not open contact cards from people you do not know or do not trust completely. If you get the contact card, then you should just delete the conversation immediately without opening it or trying to open it.

When you talk about patches and Apple, they are often a little behind on bringing out a patch for a bug like this. Apple is not known for being quick when it comes to releasing a fix for bugs, so it is better for you if you just avoid opening the contact card all together. There might be a fix in the next iOS 10.2 beta update, but who knows when that will be. This is a pretty big bug though because it can affect not only the performance of the Messages app, but it could impact the iPhone as well. It could cause your iPhone to slow down immensely and it could also cause other performance problems with your phone, such as it freezing for no reason. That is why it is better to just delete the conversation if you get the contact card and not try to open it at all.

This is actually the third bug related to text messages that could cause your iOS device to crash. The first bug was a malicious link that was coming out of Safari, and the second was a video that was causing iOS devices to crash. Apple did manage to fix these two issues, but this new issue has yet to be addressed by Apple, since it just started happening within the past week or two. This one might be a little more serious because it could cause your Messages app to become permanently disabled, which of course is not good if you use the Messages app regularly. Since there is no easy fix for it available at this time and users do not know of an easy fix either, this could end up affecting you for quite a while.