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Metro Exodus Releases on Steam February 15

Feb 11, 2020

You’ve probably heard of Metro Exodus before as this was a game that launched on Epic Games Store last year. When it launched on Epic Games Store it was exclusive, which means it had to stay only on Epic Games for a period of time before moving onto other PC gaming platforms such as Steam. We are happy to report that this week we will finally see Metro Exodus land on Steam. If this game has been one of the games you’ve been waiting to play, then read on to learn more about this upcoming release.

Metro Exodus- The February 15th Release Times for Steam Announced

Metro Exodus is coming to Steam at the end of this week, which is something we’re very eager to play on Steam. We’ve been waiting for over a year for this game to hit the PC gaming platform after being an Epic Games Store exclusive. The best part about this upcoming Steam launch is that the times for release have already been announced.

If you follow the Metro Video Game Twitter account, you will see this announcement and the times of release on Steam. The times will be 00:00 ET, 5:00 GMT / UTC, 6:00 CET, and 6:00 AEDT. This is coming from the official Twitter of Metro Exodus so there’s no confusion or fakery happening here. The announcement went onto say that the game itself should be hitting Steam in various regions at the same time.

Metro Exodus Latest Game to Arrive on Steam After Being Epic Games Store Exclusive

There have been quite a few games over the past couple of years that have been an Epic Games Store exclusive. Some of those games have managed to release on other platforms, such as Steam. Other exclusive games to Epic Games Store just remained available only on that gaming platform.

Supergiant Games released Hades on Steam at the end of 2019. With Hades, the Steam release came about a year after it first launched on Epic Games Store. We’ve told you about quite a few games that either landed on Epic Games Store or finally came to Steam after a long exclusivity period.

Epic Games is a fairly big competitor to Steam these days, especially since Epic Games has chosen to pay game developers much better than Valve does through Steam. With Epic Games, it will pay the developers 88 percent of all revenue while only keeping 12 percent for itself.

Valve only pays game developers 70 percent of the revenue share and keeps 30 percent for itself. You can easily see why many game developers have chosen to go to Epic Games over Steam. Epic Games also will pay for these exclusives upfront, which is another benefit for game developers to use Epic Games instead.

Will You Be Checking Out Metro Exodus on Steam This Week?

If you want to check out Metro Exodus on another platform, it’s also been on Google Stadia ever since Stadia launched a few months ago. What we found interesting about it being on Stadia is that it seems the exclusivity doesn’t apply to cloud gaming services. The exclusivity also seems not to apply to any game console, especially since Metro Exodus released a year ago on both the Xbox One and PS4. If you prefer to just wait until the end of the week to get this game on Steam you can do that as well.

Once you’ve tried Metro Exodus on Steam, we want you to come back here and tell us what you think about it. Is this a game that you will be downloading as soon as it’s released or will you wait a while to see what other reviews say about the game? Have you already played this game on Epic Games Store or another platform?

Do you think that the exclusivity to Epic Games Store for a period of time is a good thing for video game developers? Valve has yet to change the revenue split with game developers, so you should expect more game developers to choose this exclusivity before heading to Steam.