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Micromax canvas spark 3 Review

Apr 19, 2016

Micromax canvas spark 3 Review: In every field there is only one way to attract people to buy your product is to offer your product at a low price, and this exactly what every Android user has been doing from the past year or more. We can now see smartphones at mark of Rs. 5,000 this is what we have not even imagined a little while ago.Micromax canvas spark 3 Software

Micromax canvas spark 3 Review

The first time buyers would take a leap with the lower prices. This means that there are a lot of customers who were not able to buy what the manufacturers have been catering too. Now foreign companies are sensing and will take some time to capitalize on.

Now Micromax, have taken this step to cater out low end phones with special features particularly for non-English and non-urban speaking ones who only used voice and SMS services till now.Micromax canvas spark 3 Side Buttons

So here comes the brand new Canvas Spark 3, just for Rs. 4,999. This smartphone will definitely will going to be the right product for many number of users who before have not had a good computing device that they could use and afford.


Look and Feel:

It’s quite surprising that micromax canvas spark 3 smartphone is just for Rs. 5,000. Some of it features are:

  • It looks and feels quite good.
  • Like low-cost devices it does not look cheap or poorly fabricated.
  • The front is all plain and only the earpiece and camera will tell which way is up.
  • The navigation buttons are on-screen
  • To the left and right of the screen there is very little blank space.
  • Phone is not heavy to use
  • The curves make it quite comfortable to hold and use.
  • Around the sides a metallic band runs
  • Power and volume buttons are on the right
  • The audio socket is on top
  • And at the bottom you will find Micro-USB port
  • The flash and camera are at the top with the logo of Micromax beneath them
  • With a matte texture the rear is a removable plastic panel
  • There is large speaker grille towards the bottom
  • The microSD and two Micro-SIM slots are beneath the cover
  • Each time if you want to swap a card you will always have to pop the battery.
  • With the Canvas Spark 3 you will get USB cable, charger, adhesive screen protector, headset and a little microfiber cloth to clean off the smudges and fingerprints from the screen. After considering the price this all comes in a decent package.Micromax canvas spark 3 Review


From Spreadtrum the Canvas Spark 3 uses a processor, this is a lesser known Chinese chip design outfit. This Canvas is fairly coming with four ARM Cortex-A7 CPU cores which will run at 1.3GHz and the Mali 400MP2 GPU. The phone features to handle two Micro-SIMs but it will not support 4G.Micromax canvas spark 3 Charging Slot

There is RAM of 1GB and 8GB of storage. However, the usable space of phone reports only 4.76 GB because the remaining bits are already occupied by system files.
For all the benchmarking files and apps which did not have enough space this is the first phone that we have reviewed after a long time.

For sure you will need a microSD card and a little more disappointment is that it will support only up to 32 GB.

This is the 5.5-inch screen smartphone with resolution of 720/1280, the primary camera has a sensor of 8-megapixel and front camera of 5-megapixel. However, with rear camera the video recording only goes up to 720p and with the front camera it will go up to 480p.

You will get Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n. the removable battery has a capacity of 2500mAh.Micromax canvas spark 3 Battery


Choices of software by Micromax’s are a bit confusing because the company is launching for the first time Android with the most simplistic language.

You will see 7 giant icons for basic functions when you boot it up the phone runs Android 5. You are taken back to the leftmost home screen each time you exit an app. Micromax has preloaded a lot of software. You will also get many apps like OLX, Snapdeal, Quickr, Opera mini, Clean master, CM Locker, Amazon app, Lxigo Cabs, Hike Scandid Gaana and many more.Micromax canvas spark 3 Body


  • First of all, popping out of an app can sometimes take few seconds.
  • Even in basic task a lot of apps struggle to function even in the basic task
  • The phone’s display has pretty low quality
  • Dark scenes in videos somehow looks artificial
  • The built-in speaker are surprisingly geets loud.
  • Battery life was fairly decent
  • The phone’s camera is not quite bad

If you want some basics in the smart Android phone with really low cost, then just go for the Micromax Canvas Spark 3.