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Microsoft App Allows Windows Developers to Test Out Mobile Apps From PC

May 11, 2017

There are now new ways for Windows developers to test their mobile app creations. Microsoft just announced more tools to help make things easier for these Windows developers that want to test out mobile apps. The new tools will allow the developers to try out the mobile apps right from their PC. Read on to learn more about the new Microsoft app and how this will help Windows developers when it comes to creating mobile apps.

Windows Developers Now Can Test Mobile Apps from PC

The new app is called Xamarin Live Player, and this app is going to be very useful for Windows developers looking to create iOS apps and Android apps. Yu will be able to use the Visual Studio that is on your Mac or Windows PC, and then hook up your iOS or Android device. From there, the Windows developers will be able to test out the various .NET applications. The Windows developers will be able to test these .NET applications within a couple of seconds.

The new Microsoft app will help solve quite a few issues that Windows developers face on a regular basis. One of the issues that this new app will solve is the issue of how long it takes to make and test out the applications. Another issue that this new tool will solve is the problem that a developer will face of setting up the various products and the environment around them. When it comes to the development environment, it can take hours to set things up properly, but this app will make all of that happen within minutes.

How Windows Developers Benefit From New App Tools

When it comes to how the Windows developers will benefit from these tools and this app, it will cut down the time it takes to compile and deploy the iOS and Android apps. When you get into the middle of developing an app, the time it takes to compile grows. Something might start out as a minute job but by the middle end up being a 10 minute job. The new app tools developed by Microsoft will allow the Windows developers to develop their iOS or Android app in a much quicker fashion. This will both increase business and output as well as overall productivity. Previously, Windows developers would need to have a Mac in order to test out the iOS apps, but not anymore with these tools in Xamarin Live Player.

A byte code is used in Xamarin Live Player, which is an intermediate language that is written in the coding. The app will interpret the code and Live Player can also support Live Run. Live Run is when the Windows developers can pick a screen from the app they are developing, and then test out how it will look on a mobile app. Live Player has been approved for Apple’s App Store and it will soon be available in Apple’s App Store.

When it comes to Microsoft, the company has been really focusing on businesses and how to make productivity better for businesses. Microsoft has stopped focusing on Windows app and has started focusing solely on iOS and Android. This new app, fully known as Xamarin Live Player, will definitely be something that Windows developers will find useful because it combines and makes the process easier for them to make iOS and Android apps without all of the extensive work and environmental setups. Hopefully, with the use of this app, more Windows developers will be willing to make apps for iOS and Android so that consumers can have more of these Windows-based apps on both mobile platforms.