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Microsoft Arrow Launcher Android Update Adds New Work Integration

May 14, 2017

Microsoft Arrow Launcher just got another update on Android. This new update brings Microsoft Arrow Launcher to version and should be rolling out now to all supported Android devices. If you have not heard of this app before, then you are missing out. This app is one of the most common and most-used Launcher apps available on Android. The new update brings a lot of new features to Arrow Launcher, including the integration of Android for Work. Read on to learn more about the new Arrow Launcher update, including what Android for Work support means for this app and your productivity.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher Update Adds Android for Work Support

The new version of Microsoft Arrow Launcher will bring support for Android for Work. You will be able to find this new update right now in Google Play Store. If you already use the Microsoft Android user interface, then you should definitely check out this update. This update will not only give you Android for Work support but also includes a ton of other features we are going to talk about as well.

There is now functionality with Notes in the Microsoft Arrow Launcher app. The Notes function allows you to use the Launcher itself to take notes. You do not need any dedicated notes apps anymore, which is pretty cool. There is also an interactive card for Notes that features image support. This means that you can take pictures when typing your notes and you also can attach images to your notes that are stored on your Android device. It is similar to Google Keep in terms of how it works, and it is also reliable. There is also a new feature that allows you to create shortcuts for apps. This will help you if you are someone who would rather use a note-taking app and not use the Microsoft Arrow Launcher Notes section.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher Update Additional Features

Another new feature in this update is that you get Password Protection. This feature will allow you to hide various apps behind a password. If you have certain apps you do not want people in, such as important apps for your work or financial apps, you can password protect them. This is also handy if you have children and do not want them to purchase items without your permission on your device, such as through Amazon. Another part of this update is your standard performance enhancements and bug fixes.

The good news about the new Microsoft Arrow Launcher update is that it should run on most Android devices. It uses the same hardware and software it always has, which means as long as you run Android 4.0.3 and above, you should be able to use this app. Microsoft likely will continue to update the Arrow Launcher app at regular intervals. The company has seemed committed to updating both Android apps and iOS apps to ensure that both platforms have new features and the up-to-date-technology we have come to expect in our smartphone apps.

If you would like to check out the new features that are found in Microsoft Arrow Launcher, you can download the new version today on Google Play Store. You also can choose to wait for the over-the-air update to hit your Android device. Some people might have already noticed the Microsoft Arrow Launcher update on their Android device, since this update hit a couple of days ago. Some people might not get the update for a couple more days, so it might be best to manually download the update from Google Play Store instead of waiting.