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Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta Test Open on Android

Mar 20, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing a Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta update just opened up on Google Play. Microsoft has been making many strides with the Microsoft products lately, putting new features and updates out for many apps that it has on both iOS and Android. We have all of the latest details about what is included in the new Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta update.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta Rolls Out for Android

You can head to Google Play Store right now to get the new Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta update. This is actually one of the latest updates for Microsoft Arrow Launcher, as new features and support for Android tablets was added not very long ago. The new beta update will bring even more features to Android, which is great news if you love using Microsoft Arrow Launcher on your Android device.

This is not a huge update, but you will find that there are a couple new features. The first feature coming to this update is that you will be able to hide the widget position, hide the app labels, and also lock the app. The ability to hide various features in the app is really cool, and is something many users have been trying to get added to the app for some time now. You will find these features right there in the Apps page. You will also find that you can create a blank page for apps. Another feature coming with the Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta update is that you will be able to see upcoming alarms thanks to the Date/Time widget update.

There will be an option as well for you to get weather information from multiple cities, which is nice if you are traveling or have family spread across the country. Another change in the update will bring you the ability to view the PDFs through your Recent Documents section. If you are someone who enjoys reading you will love this feature. The ability to get to the PDFs will be very handy if you have a job where you use PDFs a lot, and will help you be more productive overall. You also will be able to hit Back on this app just by swiping right, which will help increase your productivity since it will be much quicker and easier to go back.

These are just some of the biggest changes coming to Microsoft Arrow Launcher. If you want to check out the new updates before the official Android update is launched, you need to be part of the Arrow Launcher Beta Program. You can do that by signing up online or through your mobile device, since it is part of the Google Play Store Beta Program.

Remember, if you download a beta update, there is always a chance that the update will have bugs or glitches. It is important that you always report the issues you have when you download the beta update so that the developers of the app can fix the issues before the app is officially released. This goes for whether you download beta updates on an Android or iOS device.