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Microsoft Arrow Makes Android Easier & Cleaner

Oct 28, 2015

Microsoft is a big part of many people’s lives, just like Google is. They both own very popular operating systems, and it seems like the two have had a slight join together. It is clear to say that Android is the world’s most used mobile operating system, so Microsoft appear to have taken good note of that.

Microsoft Arrow

Today, Microsoft has released a new application called Arrow. The new application aims to improve the android experience for both smartphone and tablet users – even though Android is developed and created by Google, it seems that Microsoft doesn’t mind creating content for their competition.

The Arrow application was developed by Microsoft’s Garage team as a project.

Arrow completely replaces the original launcher which is included by default on Android smartphones and tablets. The application allows for much more Microsoft-based customisation.

“Arrow, a Microsoft Garage project, is the simple, personal launcher for Android that offers a radical simplification of the Android experience,” can be read in part of the applications official description.

The application was previously in the closed beta, but now it is open for everyone – it’s also entirely free.

The Features


Instead of listing applications alphabetically, the Arrow application sorts them very conveniently by how frequently you see use them – much more intuitive than the stock Android experience. Arrow is able to learn more every time you use it, so it just keeps getting better. On top of that, it also puts the people which you communicate most with towards the front – this serves much easier access.

Arrow also showcases many more features on top of the application sorting. Users can now customise the wallpaper, with images which are provided by Bing. Icons can also be changed, providing much more customisation than stock Android.

Arrow is also so lightweight, the battery life on their device could be even better than before users downloaded the Arrow application.

Future Content from Microsoft

It seems as if Arrow is part of Microsoft’s new, unusual stratergy for becoming more accessable by Android users. Microsoft also seem to have a fairly large fan base of users of android devices – it seems that they have taken notice of this very well.

Since Android allows developers to access deep into the system, Microsoft were able to achieve a fairly impressive result. Many would agree that Arrow is much better than other third-party launchers out there.

Microsoft promised that the features will soon come to their own operating systems, including Windows 10 and Windows Mobile. It’s also a possibility that it will be integrated into Microsoft Office suite.

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