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Microsoft Cortana Comes to Android Lock Screen

Mar 27, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that Microsoft Cortana just got an upgrade and new update on Android. This new upgrade will allow you to use Microsoft Cortana via the Android lock screen. We have all of the latest details of the newest Microsoft Cortana update for Android.

Microsoft Cortana Hits Android Lock Screen

Microsoft has been updating both a lot of apps on both iOS and Android within the past several months. One of the apps that Microsoft has been updating regularly now is Microsoft Cortana, which is the Microsoft digital assistant. A new update has hit Microsoft Cortana on Android, which now allows Cortana to be available on the Android lock screen.

The good news here is that you will now be able to use Microsoft Cortana on Android just by swiping either left or right on your Android lock screen. Android fans have wanted the app to become available for the Android lock screen for a while now. This new feature, Microsoft Cortana being on the Android lock screen, is part of the new update that is rolling out right now. The Microsoft Cortana logo will be basically floating on the Android lock screen and swiping this logo will give you access to Microsoft Cortana.

This ability of making Microsoft Cortana available on the Android lock screen will make it just as simple to use Microsoft Cortana as it is to use the Google Assistant. You will also notice that there is a new look to Cortana on Android. The Home section of Microsoft Cortana on Android is changing too, with many more options being available right as you launch the app. You will notice that weather, travel time, and calendar events are all available as soon as you open the app on Android.

What Microsoft Cortana Can Do

When it comes to what this app can do, there is quite a bit this digital assistant on Android can do. You will be able to keep track of all of your reminders across various platforms since Cortana reminders will travel where you travel. You even can set reminders on your computer and then get those reminders on your Android device. You also will never miss phone calls with the app, since the app will alert you if you have a missed call. You can even request that Cortana send a text to the person letting them know you got the call and will call them back.

You can do all of this from your computer or mobile device, since Cortana is multi-platform, including on iOS and Android. In terms of being specific for mobile, the Cortana mobile version for Android has Quick Action buttons, which let you do many things without having to go through various sections of the app. You can do almost anything you want through the Quick Actions, including sending messages or making phone calls.

If you would like to try out the new Microsoft Cortana for Android, you can download Cortana right now through Google Play Store. If you already have this app downloaded onto your Android device, you should be seeing the new update hitting your Android device either today or within the next couple days. This new update will allow you to have quicker access to Cortana since it will be on the lock screen. The best part about this update is that Cortana does not mess with your existing lock screen on Android or take over, so you will be able to keep your Android lock screen the same and get the new features and functionality of Cortana.