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Microsoft Cortana Coming to Outlook iOS & Android Apps

Mar 6, 2018

Good news if you love Microsoft Cortana because Cortana is coming to both the Outlook iOS app and Outlook Android app. Microsoft has been working on integrating Cortana into a lot more apps, and now it seems the company is focused on Outlook. Email intelligence has been slowly added to Microsoft Cortana, but now the digital assistant will work directly from the mobile app. If you have or use Microsoft Cortana on either iOS or Android, read on to learn more.

Microsoft Cortana Soon Integrating with Outlook iOS & Android Apps

The really cool news is that Microsoft is finally just going to integrate Cortana into the main Outlook apps for iOS and Android. Email intelligence has already been partially integrated into Cortana, but now we will get the full functionality with this integration. While this new update is not out right now, it is currently being tested with the mobile apps. That means we will probably see Microsoft Cortana in a very near future update on both iOS and Android.

With this testing, it is being done by integrating Microsoft Cortana internally, so we are not sure how long it will take to see the beta update featuring Cortana. The feedback needs to be positive for the beta testing to move forward, but if it all works out, the beta will be out within the next couple months. There should also be public releases of the Cortana integration within the iOS and Android apps.

This means that you could very soon be able to use the Cortana integration inside of the Outlook mobile apps for yourself. This is pretty cool news and the timing is great too, since we just learned about the Outlook boss moving over to overseeing Cortana. It would make sense that the person who worked on Outlook for iOS and Android moved over to Cortana and now this integration is happening.

What Cortana Could Bring to Outlook iOS & Android

While we are short on the details about Cortana being integrated with Outlook, we do know a few things it would allow you to do. First of all, you would be able to use Cortana to both listen to emails and also reply to those emails. You would be doing this using your voice, which means it would be hands-free, and great for people on the go. The new feature would also allow you to do everything over Bluetooth.

That would include reading the messages out loud, and you can even ask Cortana various phrases. These phrases could include “Read Messages from” and then give the name of the person you want emails read from. You also could just ask Cortana what your email address is and Cortana would tell you, which is great if you are bad at remembering these types of things. That is about all we know for now about Cortana on the Outlook mobile apps.

Cortana in Outlook iOS & Android Apps Sounds Promising

As we said, this is still in internal testing, so the details are scarce right now. We expect that we will know more in the coming weeks as it moves from internal testing to beta testing. That would move forward as long as the feedback is positive internally, which it should be since Microsoft has been working up Cortana for email integration.

We hope that within the next month or two, we will have the new Outlook mobile apps updated with this Cortana integration. Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Do you think Cortana is going to be direct competition for Siri and Google Assistant with all of these app integrations? Are you more likely to use the digital assistant built into either iOS or Android? Do you have a Windows 10 PC and does that make you more likely to use Cortana on your mobile device?

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