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Microsoft Cortana Gets New Android Update

Feb 21, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that the digital assistant from Microsoft, Cortana, just got some improvements on the new Android update. Microsoft has been focusing a lot on both iOS and Android within the past year, making both Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps better for both of the major platforms. If you have Cortana on your Android device, continue reading to learn about the new features and improvements on the updated version of the popular digital assistant.

Microsoft Cortana Improves Android App With Latest Update

Microsoft Cortana for Android has made many improvements within the past several months. The app just released another update for Android, moving the Android version to 2.1.7, and it focuses on making things better for the Android user. You will now find new features and new functionality with this app, which you can download now from Google Play Store. If you already have Microsoft Cortana on your Android device, you also can wait for the over-the-air update to hit your Android device. This new update should be rolling out now for Android users that have the over-the-air update option enabled.

One of the main things that you will notice in Microsoft Cortana version 2.1.7 for Android is that there are many customizations you can make now through the notifications. You now have the ability to control all of the notifications you get on Microsoft Cortana by going into the settings menu, which is great for Android users looking for that added customization ability.

You will also notice that in the new Microsoft Cortana update for Android you can edit your favorite places. You will find the option to edit your favorite places right there in the settings menu on Cortana. This is both great for the user and great for Cortana because you can now add even more of your favorite places from within the app itself. You can choose to delete places from the settings as well, so if you decide a place is no longer your favorite you can easily get rid of it in Cortana.

These are a few of the things that are being improved and added to Cortana on Android. There was also an opt-out bug that is now fixed thanks to this latest update. If you have never tried or heard of Cortana before, it is what Microsoft is using on Windows 10 and uses on the Windows phones. Microsoft then made Cortana available for Android in hopes that people would use the Microsoft digital assistant over the Google digital assistant. The good thing about Microsoft Cortana on Android is that you do not have to integrate Cortana with Windows 10, so you can run Cortana on your Android device free of ever having to use a Windows computer or product.

Cortana is not much different really from the Google digital assistant, although it does have some more features that make it unique to Microsoft. The only downside of using Cortana on Android is that you cannot integrate Cortana the same way that the Google digital assistant is integrated with your Android device and Google accounts. It is a great alternative though if you are looking for something a little different, regardless of whether you want weather or sports information up to the minute or you are just looking for an added assistant to help you out.

You can get Microsoft Cortana on Android by heading to Google Play Store right now and downloading the new version of Cortana. If you download the new version of Cortana you will get the cool updates and improvements that just came out, and you can see for yourself how well Cortana works on Android.