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Microsoft Cortana Gets New Features in Android Update

Jul 31, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might want to know about the new update that has come out for Microsoft Cortana. Microsoft Cortana just was updated to version 2.9.0, which should be rolling out now across all Android devices. We have all of the latest news about Microsoft Cortana and the new Android update, including the new features and other changes that have come to the app.

Microsoft Cortana Adds Features to Android App

The best part about the new update to Microsoft Cortana is that there are some new features along with the new and improved look. As far as the changes go, one of the new parts of Microsoft Cortana is called Upcoming. This Upcoming section of Microsoft Cortana will allow you to see upcoming events and other important upcoming information. There is also a change to the bottom bar for navigation, which is now much different than before. The bottom navigation bar has been changed to just what is called a hamburger menu, which is a standard type of menu navigation bar. You will notice that there is also a much quicker way to get to the Settings and notebook as well as the Cortana themes.

In the Microsoft Cortana update we see new features, as well as improvements and visual changes. The redesign looks much more organized and clean compared to how the app looked previously. The Microsoft Cortana app now has an Interests section, which is where the Cortana Feed is now located. You will notice that the new tabs and section makes Microsoft Cortana look better and also feels more professional and clean. If you have ever used the Explore tab on Google before, then you probably will know exactly what some of the new visual improvements and changes can do to improve functionality.

Microsoft Cortana Android App Features & More

There is also a hands-free calling feature and hands-free texting feature now available on the new Android app. This new hands-free functionality is in this new version, which is version 2.9.0. Beyond that, we also see a hands-on control for the reminders that you have made in Microsoft Cortana. You can even change where this part of the app goes, and you can move it to the right corner if that is where you want the hands-on controls. The only bad part about the new Microsoft Cortana update is that it has ended support for Microsoft Band 2. This means that once you update to Microsoft Cortana version 2.9.0, you will no longer be able to use Microsoft Band 2 on Android any more.

If the new changes sound like something you would be interested in, you can head to Google Play Store right now and download the new app update for free. If you already have this app on your Android device, you will notice that the update should be coming within the next day or two, if the update has not already hit your Android device. You should have automatic updates enabled so that you can get the latest updates as soon as they are released, which also means you will no longer need to manually update the app if the over-the-air option has been enabled.

These are just some of the latest changes that have made it to this app. Microsoft has been focused on making apps for both mobile platforms better and more functional. It appears that Microsoft is now focusing more on Android than the company previously was, which makes sense given that Android is the most common mobile platform across the world. We would not be surprised to know that another update for this specific app on Android is coming in the near future, as it seems Microsoft is working overtime to get Android apps updated and improved with more functionality and features.