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Microsoft Cortana Update for Android Adds Default Option

Jun 17, 2017

Microsoft Cortana just got an update for Android in which allows you to set the digital assistant as the default. This new app update also has other new features and improvements. If you have Microsoft Cortana on your Android device, read on to learn more about this new update for Android.

Microsoft Cortana Update for Android Details

The biggest revelation out of the Microsoft Cortana update for Android is that you can now set Cortana as the default digital assistant for your Android device. While you might be thinking that this is something that has been around since 2015, you would be partially correct. The ability to make Microsoft Cortana the default option on Android has been around for a couple years, but the official Cortana app was never updated to reflect the ability.

Now, the update for Android will be bringing out the specific features and functions to allow this to be possible. It is definitely nice that this is an actual feature of the app itself with the new update for Android.

There is also the built-in digital assistant that comes with Android already, which is Google Assistant. Google Assistant is still pretty new so people have not had as much experience with Google Assistant as people have had with Microsoft Cortana. Either way though, in the update for Android, you can choose to leave Google Assistant as the default. This app update just gives you the option to make Cortana the default, but you can choose to leave it how it is if you want.

You can just use Cortana as more of the assistant you can launch just by tapping on it if you want. You also want make Cortana available on the lock screen, which was a feature that came to Android a few months ago. You can manually either choose to have Cortana on the lock screen or make it the default app by going into the app and clicking the profile icon. From there, go over to the Settings and you will see all of the possibilities listed right there for you.

More Cortana Update for Android Details

That is not the only new change coming to the Cortana update for Android, as there are a couple of improvements to the app overall as well. There was an improvement that makes the calendar work more consistently across both the Android device and the computer. This is great because there have been problems going between Android devices and the computer. This new update should make things a lot better when it comes to using Microsoft Cortana both on your computer and on your Android device.

There were also general improvements to the app as well. You will notice some stability and overall performance enhancements in this particular update. The main new thing going on in the update for Android though is just the official ability to make Cortana the default on your Android device.

You can find the new update for Android available right now in Google Play Store. You should notice the app update hitting your Android device any day now as the update went live just yesterday. Depending on your Android device, you might be waiting a day or two for the update to hit your Android device.