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Microsoft Creating Photos Companion App for iOS & Android

Nov 29, 2017

Microsoft is creating a Photos Companion app, which will allow you to transfer your photos much easier. You will be able to transfer the photos from your iOS or Android device. It will be much easier to get those photos onto your Windows computer much easier using this new app. The Photos Companion app will allow for you to quickly transfer these photos using Wi-Fi. If you are into taking photos and have a Windows PC, read on to learn more about what the Photos Companion app offers.

New Photos Companion App Coming from Microsoft

Both Android and iOS will have the new Photos Companion app coming very soon. This new app will allow you to quickly transfer your photos from your mobile device to your Windows PC. You will no longer have to rely on iTunes if you are trying to transfer your photos to your computer. We know that it is also difficult to get your photos from your Android device to your Windows PC. This new app from Microsoft is aimed at making things much easier by using Wi-Fi to effortlessly transfer your photos.

If you are looking for a rapid option, that is where the new Microsoft Photos Companion app will come into play. The cable-free photography transfer app is going to allow for photo transfer without the use of any cables. That is definitely a positive since dealing with the cables to transfer photos is quite annoying and time-consuming.

As long as you have a Windows laptop or PC, you will be able to utilize the new Photos Companion app. This is something that is already available using the OneDrive app from Microsoft, so you might have already noticed the feature. Using OneDrive, you can upload your photos from mobile devices and import them right into your Windows 10 Photo app.

Photos Companion App Soon to be Tested

While the Windows Photos Companion app is not out quite yet, it will be coming to the Windows 10 testers very soon. We probably will see the new Photos Companion app coming in a future Windows 10 update. As for the mobile apps themselves, both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store will soon have the Photos Companion app. It is not live right now, but it is being tested out. Since it is in testing, it should be released within the next month or so. Microsoft seems to be focused on utilizing the new Windows 10 as a hub between your mobile devices and your laptop or desktop apps.

We have told you many times about how Microsoft is focusing on both iOS and Android now. The Windows phone has basically been discontinued, and support has been dropped by Microsoft itself. Microsoft has finally realized that both iOS and Android are going to maintain status as the biggest operating systems in the mobile world. Given that information, Microsoft has been focused on making better apps for both iOS and Android.

Microsoft has been making Microsoft apps for these two operating systems better. The new Photos Companion app is just the latest app that Microsoft has developed. For Microsoft, the main focus of the apps are to increase productivity for those who are on either iOS or Android. We will keep you updated with the status of the Photos Companion app. This app hopefully will officially launch before the end of the year. If you are part of the tester program, you likely will see this app pushed out for testing within the next week.