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Microsoft Edge Adds Secure Sign-On Features to iOS & Android

Apr 26, 2019

Microsoft Edge is adding secure sign-on features to both iOS and Android. This is great news for those who worry about security and privacy on the browser. The development team behind Microsoft Edge has been working very hard lately on Edge. They have spent a lot of time adding new features to the Chromium web browser and the mobile apps.

Updates have been a regular part of the Microsoft Edge browser for some time now. The newest update is adding new security and management support. Read on to learn more details about what those using Microsoft Enterprise will find in the newest update.

Microsoft Edge Brings Secure Sign-On Features to Mobile Apps

We are happy to report that Microsoft Edge is being updated this week with some new secure sign-on features. This is all part of adding additional support for management and security to the apps, so it will be consistent with the web browser. If you use Microsoft Enterprise, then you will find that the new update adds Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security, which is known as EMS. You will find that the new additions are now part of the public preview of Microsoft Edge on both iOS and Android.

One of the newest additions to Microsoft Edge on mobile is the new secure sign-on features. The biggest feature is what is known as a single sign-on. Single sign-on, which is known as SSO, is something that employees can look forward to for all native clients. Native clients in this case include other Microsoft programs and services including Microsoft Outlook. As long as the apps are connected to the Azure Active Directory, the single sign-on will work.

Microsoft Edge Secure Sign-On Features Include Conditional Access

Another great addition we wanted to tell you about is conditional access. This is a great feature for employers because it now can give employers more protection. With conditional access, an employer could require the employee to use a Intune protected browser from Microsoft. Application-based conditional access is part of the deal and Intune browsers include the Microsoft Edge browser.

Quicker page-rendering is also a part of the update and it’s even faster than before with the newest update. Beyond that, there are now more configuration settings available for the administrator, which includes a block or allow URL list. New configuration setting also include MyApps integration, bookmarks, a shortcut to the homepage, and an Azure app proxy. There are also a lot of other additional configuration settings now available as part of the Microsoft Edge update on both iOS and Android.

There is also the dual-identity feature that you will find if you update your mobile Microsoft Edge browser. This means Microsoft Edge will now be able to support both a work identity and a personal identity. There is total separation between the two too, which means your Office 365 and Outlook experiences can be different for the identity you want. The corporate items will be secured and separated from your personal content. It’s seamless to go between the two identities as well, so you shouldn’t have any issues with dual-identity.

New Productivity Features & Personalization Options Also Found in Secure Sign-On Edge Update

You will also find that there are new personalization options and productivity features found in Microsoft Edge. This is all part of trying to make life easier for those with a Microsoft Enterprise account. There are a ton of features available to you including browsing seamlessly between your PC and your mobile device.

A QR code reader that is built-into the app works great and syncing abilities have also been improved. You will find that the productivity features allow you to get more done on your own terms and regardless of where you are or which device you are using.

If you would like to check out the new additions to the Microsoft Edge browser, you can download the newest version right now from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Once you have tried it out for yourself, we want to hear what you think about the secure sign-on features and other changes. Do you currently use Microsoft Edge or do you use another browser for your work? Tell us what else you would like to see Microsoft do with Edge in the future.