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Microsoft Edge for Android Updates with Oreo Support

Jan 13, 2018

Microsoft Edge for Android just got a huge update, and support for the adaptive icons in Android Oreo is one of the new features. Microsoft just released the preview version of Edge back in October 2017, and then it was out of Beta in November 2017. That means the stable release of Microsoft Edge has only been out a couple months, but it already has been downloaded more than one million times. The new version of Microsoft Edge for Android is version In this new update, we see support for Android Oreo and much more. Keep reading to learn what all new features are coming to the Edge browser on Android in this update.

Microsoft Edge for Android Gets Adaptive Icons & More

The biggest revelation from the Microsoft Edge for Android update is that we finally see adaptive icons, which are a fun part of Android Oreo. The new version is, and adaptive icons are definitely the highlight of this update. In Android Oreo, adaptive icons allows for different icons to be displayed depending on which Android device you own. For example, the icons on a Samsung HTC will look different than the icons on a Pixel. The adaptive icons overall will still have the same look as the other icons on your Android device. These icons will be used in the Settings app as well as the overview screen, sharing dialogues, and the shortcuts.

Another new change we are seeing in the Microsoft Edge for Android update is there is a new ability to share the links and other text from various apps. You will be able to share the text from the other apps and then search for that text using Microsoft Edge. You can now open pages from the default browser within Microsoft Edge if you would like to continue the experience from there.

There is also a new reading mode that has been redesigned and overhauled that you can try out. If you have tried the reading mode previously, then you will easily notice the changes to the design of the mode. We are very excited for all of these new changes coming to the Microsoft Edge browser on Android. Microsoft seems intent on making better apps for both mobile platforms, and this latest update is just another excellent improvement to the new browser.

Microsoft Edge for Android Also Adds More Stability

There are other changes in the new Microsoft Edge for Android too, including better stability overall. Website compatibility is also included in this update and other general improvements to the browser. There is also support for sharing the links on Microsoft Edge too, which allows you to send links quickly to yourself or your friends. These are all new features aimed at making Microsoft Edge better on Android, although it was already highly rated on Google Play Store.

On Google Play, Microsoft Edge already has a rating of 4.2 stars, which is pretty impressive. The 4.2 stars out of 5 is pretty amazing for a browser that has only been out of the Beta mode for a couple months. This browser is free to download through Google Play Store, and will work on all kinds of Android devices.

The best part about Microsoft Edge for Android is that you can go between your mobile device and your PC with ease. That is why Microsoft Edge on Android works best for those who are already enjoying the experience on their Windows 10 computer. Even if you do not have Windows 10 on your PC, this is still a very high-quality browser to add to your Android device.