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Microsoft Edge Beta iOS App Adds New Logo & Features

Jan 8, 2020

Microsoft Edge beta on iOS just received a new update, which brings a couple of new features and changes. If you are part of the TestFlight app program on Apple’s App Store, then you will be one of the people that have the ability to test out this new update.

As you likely know, Microsoft has been really good about updating popular apps and services on both iOS and Android. We thought we would tell you about the changes and additions you will find in the Microsoft Edge beta app update for iOS.

Microsoft Edge Beta Update for iOS Rolls Out with New Logo

If you’re someone that is a user of the TestFlight program on iOS, then you are going to notice a few new features when you download the newest Microsoft Edge iOS app update. The change that you’ll notice right off the bat is that the logo for Edge has changed. This new logo first rolled out to the Microsoft Edge Android beta the other day.

Now, those on iOS are getting the new logo and it’s a lot more appealing than the “E” logo of the past. It’s a more colorful logo that looks like a half-circle or “C” and it’s much brighter and welcoming than the dark blue logo Edge used to have. While the new logo is the first thing you will notice with the Microsoft Edge iOS app update, there’s a couple of new features that you’ll find as well that we wanted to mention.

Microsoft Edge Beta Update Adds New Sync Settings for iOS

Beyond the new logo, there’s a couple of additional features that have been added to the Microsoft Edge beta iOS app we wanted to talk about. These additional features first showed up on the Microsoft Edge beta app for Android a few days ago. There are new sync settings available in the app.

These sync settings will allow you to choose between two different versions of Edge. These sync settings are called “Microsoft Edge Legacy” and “The new Microsoft Edge.” If you weren’t aware, before Chromium was just called Edge Insider and Microsoft Edge Spartan was just Edge.

Also found within this update is a brand new control center, which also first appeared on Android last week. If you go to the navigation bar and look in the center, you will see an ellipsis. Clicking on this will then bring up a bunch of options that you previously didn’t have available. You can see these new options will be useful as you browse the web using the Edge iOS app. We’re incredibly happy that Microsoft has added these new options on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft Edge Beta iOS App Update Live Now

We’re thinking that these features will be officially released to everyone on January 15. That is the date that Microsoft Edge Chromium will be released for desktop PC users. Once this happens, you’ll be able to sync up Edge with macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. This is going to make your life a whole lot easier since you’ll be able to sync up the Edge mobile browser with all of these desktop versions of Microsoft.

In the comment section found below, we want to know what you think of the changes that have been released for the Microsoft Edge beta Android and iOS apps. Do you like the new design of the logo and do you think that it makes Edge more inviting? Are you someone that uses Edge as your primary browser on both the desktop and your mobile device?

If not, which browser do you prefer and what features make you choose that browser over other options? What other changes or additional features would you like to see Microsoft Edge get in future updates? Lastly, are you a part of the TestFlight app on iOS and which apps have you used while in beta testing?