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Microsoft Edge Browser Released for Android & iOS Tablets

Mar 28, 2018

Good news if you have an iOS or Android tablet because Microsoft just released the Edge browser for tablet devices. We told you a while ago that the new Microsoft Edge browser was available for iOS & Android, but this was for smartphones only. Now, if you have an Android or iOS tablet, you can download and experience Microsoft Edge on your tablet device. Read on to learn all of the latest details about the Edge browser coming to tablets.

Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available on iOS & Android Tablets

If you have an Android tablet or an iOS tablet, you can now download the new Microsoft Edge browser. You will find Edge available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store for your tablet, and it is completely free to download. The Edge browser was released back in October 2017, but it was only available in preview mode for iOS and Android smartphones. Those who have a Windows 10 tablet also previously were able to download the Microsoft Edge browser.

When it comes to Microsoft Edge, the main benefit is that you can sync up with your Windows 10 PC. If you have a Windows 10 PC, then you will love the cross-compatibility and syncing available with the mobile version of the Edge browser. You can start off on the PC and move to the tablet quickly or you can be on the tablet and move to your PC. Anything you were working on will automatically sync up, so you do not have to worry about missing any of the activities you were doing. If you open a website from your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to bring up the page right on your PC.

Microsoft Edge Browser No Longer in Preview Mode on Tablets or Phones

The Microsoft Edge browser is also no longer in preview mode, which is also a good thing for those on Android or iOS. You will find all of the features you have come to expect on the mobile experience, including Roaming Passwords, Reading View, Favorites, New Tab, and Reading List. Preview mode has finally stopped after thousands of people tried it out on both mobile platforms. It has been less than six-months, which is pretty quick considering all of the improvements and feedback that Microsoft got about how to improve Edge.

Microsoft said that all of the feedback will help make the Edge browser a better experience for everyone on both iOS and Android. You might have heard Microsoft is in the news right now after it has started back up being pushy about using the browser. Instead of opening a link automatically in Firefox or Chrome, Microsoft will automatically override your preference and open the links inside of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Being Pushy About Edge Browser Use

Microsoft pushing you to use this browser is happening regardless of what your preferences are when it comes to opening links. Many people have been upset about how pushy Microsoft has become in regards to trying to get people to use the browser over their preferred browser. It is happening the most on the Windows 10 PC, and happens the most when you click links from your email.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Are you happy that Edge has finally come to the iOS and Android tablets? Have you been using Edge on your Windows 10 PC and if so, do you like the experience you get with Edge? We also want to know whether you think Microsoft is being too pushy about the Edge browser. Let us know in the comments your general feelings on Edge.