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Microsoft Edge iOS Update Adds New Favorite Folders & More

Sep 7, 2018

If you have the Microsoft Edge iOS app installed on your device right now, you might want to check out the newest update. In the new update for iOS, there is now the ability to create new favorite folders. Other small features have also been added in this update. The newest version is version 42.4.2 and it is live now in Apple’s App Store. We have all of the latest news about this update so read on to learn more.

New Favorite Folders Have Come to the Microsoft Edge iOS App

The biggest change you will notice in the Microsoft Edge iOS update is the ability to create your own new favorite folders. This update is not very big either, which is a great thing for people on limited data plans. If you head to Apple’s App Store, you will notice that the new update is only 87MB, which is pretty small. That means you can quickly download this update using a Wi-Fi connection or through your data plan without much hassle.

Another change that is available with this update is the ability to reorder your favorite folders. So not only can you create new favorite folders on Edge, but you can reorder them as well. That is pretty cool because people were asking about getting more favorite folders and being able to organize them.

It appears Microsoft was listening to feedback from the Microsoft Edge user base with this update. If you have Microsoft Edge on an Android device, you will notice iOS is now on par with Android. Microsoft did take a lot of the abilities on Android and put them into the iOS update.

Microsoft Edge iOS Update Brings Even Better Performance

Those are not the only new changes in the Microsoft Edge iOS update either. You will also get better performance with this update, which is great news. It will run a lot quicker and smoother due to improvements Microsoft made overall. You will be able to notice those performance improvements as soon as you open the app with the new update.

Beyond that, there is also the new Preview feature that is available on the iOS app update. If you sign into the app with your work account or school account or your Microsoft account, you will notice the Preview feature. This allows you to keep your browsing separated depending on whether you are on your work account or school account. If you use Microsoft Edge for research or just browsing, you will love the new separation between the accounts and browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge iOS Update Enhances Settings Menu

Lastly, you will notice with the Microsoft Edge iOS update that the Settings menu has been improved. You can now get to the tips page and the What’s New page right from your Settings. Just click on the Settings and More option to see the tips and the What’s New section. It definitely feels as if it all flows much better now, and you can quickly find all of the Settings you need. We love the change because finding the What’s New section was not that easy before. Now, all of the tips and What’s New information is right there within the Settings and More area.

If this update sounds like something you would like to check out, you can download the new Microsoft Edge iOS browser through Apple’s App Store. Those that have this browser installed on their iOS device already should see the automatic update rolling out this week. If you do not see it quite yet, do not hesitate to just download it from Apple’s App Store.

Make sure you are downloading the new version, which is version 42.4.2. Once you have tried out the new favorite folder and other new features, we want to hear what you think about them. Is the ability to reoder the folders something you will use in the future with this app? Do you like how the Settings and More menu now features the tips and What’s New? What else would you like to see Microsoft add to the iOS version of Edge? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear your opinion on these changes.