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Microsoft Edge Surpasses 1 Million Downloads on Android

Dec 10, 2017

Back in October, Microsoft released the Microsoft Edge browser for Android. Even though the Edge browser was released on Android in October, it stayed in preview mode up until a couple weeks ago. During those couple months, many people downloaded Microsoft Edge onto their Android devices.

The surprising part about this news is that Microsoft Edge has already passed 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. That is pretty significant considering the app was not even in the stable release and was in preview. We have all of the latest news about the Microsoft Edge browser on Android surpassing 1 million downloads so read on to learn more.

Microsoft Edge Browser on Android Passes 1 Million Downloads

It is pretty amazing that in only two months, the Microsoft Edge browser on Android has passed over 1 million downloads. When you look at other Microsoft apps, 1 million downloads is not very much compared to the more popular products. The biggest reason why this is such a huge deal is that Microsoft Edge was in the preview mode on Android for two months.

Apps like OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on the other hand, have managed more than 100 million downloads. The Authentication app Microsoft has out, which gives you two-step authentication for various Microsoft products has done very well too. The Microsoft Authenticator app has over 1 million downloads as well.

For Microsoft Edge, it being in the preview mode for so long seems to not really have impacted the downloads. Being in beta for a long time could have hindered a lot of other apps and products. Microsoft seems to have gotten around that issue. Even in beta, people still wanted to download Microsoft Edge and try it out. One reason why this could be is that Microsoft Edge has compatibility with so many other Microsoft products. If you have Windows 10 on PC, then you will love this option. You will be able to use the app and go between the mobile device and the PC version. The easy integration and cross-platform abilities could be why people were so inclined to download Microsoft Edge on Android.

Microsoft Edge Browser on Android is Highly Popular

When you look at the Google Play Store, Microsoft Edge is actually one of the most popular apps on the app store. It is in third place among the most popular communication apps that are free on Google Play Store. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the apps that have taken the number one and number two position on Google Play Store.

That is actually a pretty impressive feat to have the Edge browser as the third most popular free app for communication on Google Play Store. What should not be very surprising though, is that browsers are often times the most popular types of apps on both iOS and Android. You probably know that each browser can significantly change your experience on your mobile device.

Microsoft Edge uses the Chrome Blink engine on Android, so there is a similar feel to what Google Chrome provides on Android. This browser also comes with many features like Reading View, Reading List, Favorites, New Tabs, and Dark Mode. With Edge, there is also the “Continue on PC” option, which is what we were talking about with the ability to go between your Android device and Windows 10 PC version of Edge.

Extension support is limited on Microsoft Edge, which does sometimes put this browser at a disadvantage. Other than that though, this browser on Android is a very good alternative for other browsers like Firefox. So have you tried out the new Microsoft Edge browser on Android yet? Let us know in the comments whether or not you plan on trying this browser on your Android device.