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Microsoft Home Team Helps You Find Service Professionals

Oct 4, 2015

Windows just launched a new app, which currently is on Windows phones and will soon be available on the Apple App Store possibly, although right now it is Microsoft-only. This app helps you find service professionals in your area, but with a new twist compared to the older types of review websites and apps.

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While you might be thinking that this is a similar app to the highly-popular website Angie’s List or like Yelp, it actually is quite different than that, and could be compared more to Delve. Home Team basically helps you find the high-quality service providers in your area through sharing information via word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family.

Microsoft explained what Home Team was and how it is different from a lot of other similar service and social apps out there, and the first part is that it uses service professionals that are within your contacts list. Instead of looking through Yelp or other websites to find plumbers or electricians or other service professionals, you can get personal recommendations from friends and family, and connect directly with your friends through social sites like Facebook. You can also join a network at your wok in order to share and find recommendations with your colleagues.

If you are someone who is into home repairs or remodeling then this app would be one of the best apps out there for you to get. This app would also be useful for people who have a lot of family within a specific radius, such as within the same town or within the same county, since the entire point of the app is to share names of professionals that their friends and family might interested in using.

We have all looked at reviews and then wonder whether or not they were paid for or friends of the person that was putting good reviews up or whether the bad reviews were simply a vendetta against the person. Home Team now gives you the chance to find the service professionals you need from the groups of people you trust the most, which will help you find a good professional that will not rip you off. You can even “ask” the public for services and then put co-workers and friends or family on your team, which means there is both a public recommendation option and a more personal recommendation option.

Home Team actually comes from the depths of Microsoft Garage, which is basically where all of the experiments the company does winds up coming from. In fact, just back in July Microsoft Garage introduced an Android and iOS polling app, and then before that put out Send, which is an email app for both iOS and Android. Microsoft Garage has launched Jouneys & Notes which is basically a social travel app, so this is just the latest of many great social and useful apps that have come from Microsoft Garage within the past year.

The thing that separates Home Team from other types of apps and review websites is that it is more about you getting the approval of your friends and family before deciding on a contractor or service repairman, as opposed to just relying on public reviews. This means that since everything is based off of word-of-mouth, the contractors and service repairmen are going to have to be good at what they do and are going to need to ensure you are happy with your service, since you have the power to give them more work or put them out of business.

This app also will allow you to find more specialized services and contractors since if you have a broad connection of friends and family, all of them will know someone who does something different, and that means you never have to look through the internet for providers in your area ever again. With other review websites, there are situations where people can get reviews paid for or the company itself could end up writing reviews of their business under a different name.

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Right now it is not known if this app is going to be going to Android or iOS, as this is one of the first apps to ever be Microsoft-only. Microsoft is going to be looking at Home Team and seeing if it does well as a Microsoft-only app, although not nearly as many people have Microsoft devices as they do iOS and Android devices, which means that it might not make much sense financially for Microsoft to keep this app only for their devices and operating system.

This app is basically an experiment for the company, and if the reviews of Home Team are good, then they will build up this app for the other devices and operating systems as well.

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