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Microsoft Launcher Allows PC to Mobile Viewing

Oct 5, 2017

Good news if you are looking for a new Android Launcher because Microsoft just released the new Microsoft Launcher. If you have not heard about an Android Launcher before, it is basically a way to customize and personalize your Android device. The new Microsoft Launcher is based off of Arrow Launcher. Arrow Launcher was part of the Microsoft Garage experimental app platform. The new app, Microsoft Launcher, has been released for Android and we have all of the latest details.

Microsoft Launcher Releases on Android

The new Microsoft Launcher is supposed to be much better than Arrow Launcher was. With this app, you can customize the entire Android experience. You will be able to use the Microsoft Launcher to view items from your mobile device to your computer. You can view photos and edit documents on your PC from your mobile device.

This new app is going to give you the ability to experience your mobile apps and documents right on your PC screen. You can read the websites that are on your Android device with your PC using the new option to continue on the PC. We have mentioned the Continue to PC option already this week, since it is also coming to the Microsoft Edge browser mobile app.

Basically, with the new Microsoft Launcher, you can launch any files onto your PC from your mobile device. You will love this new feature if you are using other Microsoft products like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft Office. If you are wondering what type of person might use Microsoft Launcher the most, it would be those using Microsoft products. It could be useful for other people on Android as well, but those using other Microsoft products will really appreciate this new app. This news will be especially useful for people who use Microsoft products for work or other business-related ventures. These consistencies across various platforms will help increase your productivity and your ability to go between devices.

Microsoft Launcher App Launches on Google Play Store

The whole idea behind Microsoft Launcher is to give you ways to get mobile documents and information on your PC. There is a ton of information on Microsoft Launcher, including news, photos, reminders, and even your calendar appointments. Just like with other launcher apps for Android, you can customize Microsoft Launcher any way you want.

You can use color accents, dark themes, and other features that you also have on Windows 10. Microsoft has trying to get consistency between the apps and devices it has. This means that with the apps, you will be able to make it look like Windows 10. Microsoft is now looking to make all of the apps accessible on your PC, regardless of whether you have iOS or Android.

The new Microsoft Launcher app is out on Google Play Store right now. If you have the Arrow Launcher app from Microsoft, it will automatically update to the new version. Microsoft is also hoping that with the new Microsoft Launcher, more people will be inclined to upgrade to Windows 10. There have been issues with people not wanting to make the Windows 10 leap. By making the apps compatible with Windows 10, it could mean more people will give it a chance. We will keep you updated on the other apps and projects that Microsoft has in the works. Microsoft is going to continue to work on iOS and Android apps. Specifically, Microsoft is focusing on making apps that are consistent across all Windows platforms even for the iOS and Android system.

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