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Microsoft Launches Spend App for iOS

Oct 23, 2018

Microsoft has just launched the Spend app for iOS, which is going to help you keep track of expenses. This new app is great for people who own a business or have to keep track of expenses related to a business. The team that worked on MileIQ, which is a mileage tracking app, is the same team that is behind the new Spend app. This app was just released on Apple’s App Store and we have a ton of information about the app that we wanted to share with you. Read on to learn more about Spend and why this iOS app could help you track all of your expenses.

Microsoft Releases Expense Tracking App Spend for iOS

The coolest part about Spend is that it will help you keep track of all of your business-related expenses. It is going to be a lot simpler than ever before to track your business expenses if you download the Spend app for iOS. Tracking your receipts is also going to be a lot easier, which is great news for those who hate receipt tracking. Microsoft Garage is actually where Spend originated from, which is an incubator program Microsoft developed many years ago.

The user interface is simple to use and has a great layout. There is 256-bit SSL encryption within the Spend iOS app too, which is great for protecting your private information. You will find a lot of basic expense tracking features in Spend, but there is way more to this app than just basic features. The whole premise of the app is to automate a lot of the process of tracking your business expenses. If you need a more detailed expense report, this app can produce one within seconds. We have even more details about Spend to share with you below.

Spend iOS App Automates the Process of Tracking Business Expenses

When we talk about the app automating a lot of the business expense tracking, what we mean is that some things are automatically categorized. The app will sync up your purchases automatically from both your bank accounts and cards. These purchases are then able to be classified by you as either personal or business. Those expenses are then put into the categories, where you can add even more tags to keep things organized.

With the new iOS app, you will get summaries either weekly or monthly, depending on which you choose. You can also choose to get these summaries on a daily or bi-weekly basis if you want. Customizing when you get the summaries is one great feature of this app. The expense report is then quickly turned into either a PDF or a spreadsheet. If you would like to print these expense reports, you can do that with a click of a button. You also can choose to email the expense reports so that you can keep track of them or you can email them to your business or tax professional.

Biggest Features of Spend iOS App

Spend is a free download on Apple’s App Store and it is one of the best free downloads of the year. With this app, you will be able to get your expense information in real-time. Beyond that, you also have the ability to track receipts and manage them. If you need to keep tabs on everything for taxes or a reimbursement, it is all done automatically for you.

There are a ton of automatic categorization abilities in Spend, including matching the receipts automatically to the expenses. Any accounting software is also compatible with Spend, making it easy to transfer or upload the data within this app to another software program. For right now, Microsoft has released the Spend app for those within the United States. We expect that more countries will be added later on, but for now you have to be within the United States to download and use Spend.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of this new Spend iOS app. Do you like that Microsoft continues to focus on the enterprise and business aspect of iOS when it is creating and releasing apps? What are the features that you love the most and what features do you hope are added to the app in the future? If you use another app to track your business-related expenses, tell us in the comments below which app that is. We would love to hear what you think about Spend so in the comment section below, tell us your overall thoughts.