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Microsoft Launching Movies & TV App for iOS & Android

Jul 13, 2018

Microsoft is going to be launching its Movies & TV app on both iOS and Android. While we do not know specifically when the launch is going to happen, it is likely to happen fairly soon. This would allow Microsoft to compete with both Google Play and iTunes.

The app is already out for some platforms, although it is limited to Windows 10 mobile, Windows 10 PCs, and Xbox consoles. We have the latest news about the Movies & TV app coming to iOS and Android. Keep reading to learn more about this app and how it works.

Movies & TV App from Microsoft Coming to iOS & Android Soon

The new Movies & TV app is going to be launching soon on iOS and Android as Microsoft continues to focus on the two main mobile platforms. Streaming services are becoming more popular for people when it comes to entertainment. Streaming services are super popular now, but a lot of content is still not found on these types of platforms.

Netflix does not have everything, which is where the Microsoft Store comes into play. Many television shows and movies can be found on the Microsoft Store, some of which are not found on Netflix or other popular streaming services.

Microsoft has been trying to develop iOS and Android apps based on some of the most popular Windows 10 apps. When it comes to Windows 10 mobile, the platform is all but dead at this point, and Microsoft is not focused on new hardware or software for the platform. Since Microsoft has decided to end support for Windows 10 mobile, the focus has shifted to iOS and Android.

Both iOS and Android are huge worldwide, with Android having more support worldwide, such as in developing countries. Microsoft has Launcher, which allows you to customize your device with Microsoft Edge. You also can now use one device to browse online and then link that device to your Windows 10 PC.

Movies & TV App Allows for Viewing Across Multiple Devices

The new Movies & TV app is going to allow you to view content across multiple devices. This means that you can watch a movie or television show on the PC and then go to your iOS or Android device. You will have the ability to watch the shows while on the go, meaning you would not have to stop once you have to leave the computer.

The Movies & TV app appeared in the Windows Store back in April, but it was searched for a ton of times on iTunes beforehand. That means the new app could end up being pretty popular on iTunes, since that is where a lot of searching was going on for the app before. Microsoft even told customers back in 2017, that the Movies & TV app was something the company was still focused on.

That was during the time that the music streaming service Microsoft had made was going under. The music streaming service was no competition for Spotify and Apple Music, which is why it ended up not working out. People inside and in the know say that the Movies & TV app is still in development, which means it is not going to be released anytime too soon.

Movies & TV App Release Date Up in the Air

While we know the app is coming to iOS and Android in the future, we still do not know specifically when that will happen. Since the app is still in development, it might be several months before we see the app appear on iOS or Android. There is likely to be a beta test coming in the future, so we should hopefully see a beta version released within the next few months.

We want to know what you think of the new Movies & TV app coming to iOS and Android from Microsoft. Is this an app you use already on your Xbox or Windows 10 PC? Do you think that this app has a nice selection of movies and television shows that are unavailable on other streaming services like Netflix?

Let us know what you think about Microsoft focusing so much on iOS and Android too. Do you think that Microsoft is doing the right thing by focusing on these platforms as opposed to Windows 10 mobile or other consoles? Are you glad that Microsoft is trying to bring Windows 10 apps to the iOS and Android platforms? Let us know in the comments below what you think about all of this and if you will be getting this app once it is released on iOS or Android.