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Microsoft making apps to unlock Windows 10 PCs using Bluetooth

Mar 12, 2016

Microsoft making apps to unlock Windows 10 PCs using Bluetooth: Microsofts comes out with yet another new feature. They provide a feature which will help users to unlock their personal computers with the help of Bluetooth. The feature is available for the Windows 10 pcs. The app that comes with this feature is named Phone sign in beta. The app was discovered by a Twitter user.Windows 10, Microsoft

Microsoft making apps to unlock Windows 10 PCs using Bluetooth

The app gives you the ability to sync your pcs with the help of your smart phones and it also give you the ability of unlocking it with it too. The main aim is to help you get rid of the tedious method of entering the password manually. So technically, you do not need to enter your password every time you open your pc. Microsoft is working on the app further and making further improvements to make it even better.

The company reveals that the app is still in the testing phase which is being worked on. The updated and improved versions will be made available soon. The versions of the app will require an authenticated Microsoft account and will be incorporated soon.

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The app will be made secure by implementing the one time generation of a passcode feature which will be a solution for signing in to the browsers. The company tries to make improvements so that they can provide maximum security and privacy to all their users. They bring out innovative ideas of unlocking the pcs. We saw the new camera support feature that the company released was also efficient. They also launched the finger print reader feature.

They are still testing the app but will launch it soon.

The Microsoft Company keeps surprising us with new apps and features that make our life a lot easier. This is a great news for the Windows 10 users. The perks of not entering a passcode every time you switch on you pc is totally pleasing.

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Stay tuned, updates about this new feature and app will soon be updated.