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Microsoft Mixer Create App Allows for Mobile Game Streaming

Aug 31, 2017

Microsoft Mixer Create is a new mobile app available for both iOS and Android that allows you to stream your mobile game play. Microsoft acquired Mixer last year, which is a streaming service for games. The new app, Microsoft Mixer Create, will allow you to both share your gaming experiences and stream game broadcasts at the same time.

We have all of the latest news about the Microsoft Mixer Create apps, which are available on iOS and Android now. Read on to learn all about this new Mixer Create app and how it will help increase your social activity while playing a mobile game.

Microsoft Mixer Create App Allows for Mobile Game Streaming

The Microsoft Mixer Create app will allow you to do a ton of things, such as broadcast your mobile game or join a stream with your friends. You also can pair up the Microsoft Mixer Create app with an Xbox or a PC. With this app, you can manage your profiles or even text with other people.

This app is now officially in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store after being in beta testing for a while. If you were one of the lucky people to beta test the app, then you know some of the cool features and functions that this app has with it. Not much has changed from the beta version to the final version, so you should already be familiar with the app if you had been one of the people beta testing it.

The cool thing about the Microsoft Mixer Create app is that it will work with both iOS games and Android games. You will just need to use the ReplayKit function in order to get this app to work with the games. This means that you will have to enable the ReplayKit function, which you can do right from the Microsoft Mixer Create app.

Microsoft said that the new app will also act as a social network, with it being compared to Facebook Live. You will be able to go live from anywhere in the world regardless of what you are doing. This will allow you to engage with your community in real time if you are broadcasting.

Microsoft Mixer Create App Offers Mobile Gaming Broadcasts & More

There are a lot of things you can do with the Microsoft Mixer Create app, whether you want to broadcast your mobile game play or just interact with others who are watching streams. Mixer previously was known as Beam before Microsoft acquired it. It was basically going to be a rival to Twitch and other popular streaming services, such as YouTube Gaming.

Microsoft then integrated Mixer with both Windows 10 and Xbox One for even more fun and social possibilities. When it comes to the Microsoft Mixer Create app, it will be able to broadcast with streaming that is lower-latency. You also will notice that up to four broadcasters will be allowed to stream in the same chat. Viewers also will be able to stream games and interact with the games at the same time.

There will be new features coming to the app in the future, and Microsoft wants to join up with the broadcasters to show off the new features when they are getting ready to launch. Gaming interaction is going to be a huge thing with Microsoft Mixer Create.

While streaming the mobile games is a huge component of Microsoft Mixer Create, there will be an equally big priority placed on interaction too. If you would like to check out the new mobile game streaming app for yourself, you can download Microsoft Mixer Create right now on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.