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Microsoft Office iOS App & OneDrive Add Features

Feb 1, 2018

If you have the Microsoft Office iOS app, have you updated to the newest version yet? The new version is bringing some great features, including drag and drop support. This new iOS update for Microsoft Office comes as iOS 11 brings new productivity features to users. For iOS 11, you now have a Files app as well as a new file system altogether. Now, Microsoft Office is adding some more features as well as Microsoft OneDrive. If you use either OneDrive or the Office app on iOS, read on to learn more about the new update.

Microsoft Office iOS App & OneDrive Adding Productivity Features

The biggest news is that Microsoft is updating a lot of apps this week and adding new productivity features. When you look at Microsoft Office iOS app and Microsoft OneDrive, you will now notice a new drag and drop feature. If you are using the Files app on iOS, you can now access Microsoft OneDrive by going through the Files app. You are now able to drag and drop from OneDrive, along with SharePoint and iMessages, into your documents and spreadsheets. This will only work though if you are subscribed to Office 365.

Another cool thing is that you can now save all of the files you create with Microsoft Office iOS app into OneDrive directly. You can do this using the Files app, and do not forget the Split View capability, which is also part of this update. Microsoft OneDrive was also updated to support even more file types than before. There are over 130 file types that are now supported in the iOS app. Teams, the Slack competitor, also got a few new features in this update. You can now add the interactive cards into chats right from apps. There are even more updates we wanted to tell you about, including an update for Outlook.

Microsoft Office iOS App & Other Apps Get Needed Update

When it comes to Microsoft Outlook, the iOS app also has a new update. Outlook now has a new way to search information right from the database of your organization. This allows you to search better for more package deliveries, contacts, and travel itineraries. So the Microsoft Office iOS app, along with OneDrive, and Outlook, are all getting major updates this week.

Beyond all of that, there are also some updates on Mac that are going to help you out too. Microsoft is adding a feature to let you co-author a document on Mac or iOS. This will work for PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word. This means you are now able to work on projects and co-author with other people across either iOS or Mac. If you have a Mac and are a 365 subscriber, you can now use AutoSave capabilities in OneDrive and SharePoint.

The Mac is also getting other new learning tools, such as Immersive Reader and the Read Aloud tool. Both the iOS version and the PC version already had the learning tools, but now they have come to Mac. Whether you have iOS or MacOS, you will now find all of these new features in the update. The updates to these Microsoft products are rolling out now, although it could take a couple days for all of these updates to be released. Tell us in the comments what you think of all of these new features, including the new drag and drop support for iOS 11. Are you using Microsoft apps for your business needs? Do you think that these new changes will increase your productivity at all?