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Microsoft OneDrive Brings Files On-Demand Feature to iOS & Android

May 11, 2017

We have been telling you for a while now about how Windows is focusing on apps for both iOS and Android. Windows has just put out another update for Microsoft OneDrive, and in this update, it will allow mobile users to view files on demand. If you have files in the cloud, you no longer will need to download them onto your device in order to access them. If you use Microsoft OneDrive, then continue reading to learn more about the new feature.

Microsoft OneDrive Adding Files On-Demand Feature

The really cool thing here is that Microsoft OneDrive will have a Files On-Demand feature. This will allow you to view and access all of your files in the cloud without having to download the files onto your iOS or Android device. You will not need to use up space on your device anymore, which is great for people with limited mobile space or people who run off data plans. When it comes to Microsoft OneDrive, this was one of the most requested features, and it will be coming to the Windows Insiders by summer.

Even better is that the Microsoft OneDrive Files On-Demand feature will allow you to use the Windows file picker to open and view files that are both on your desktop and in the Windows Store. The file picker will automatically open the file from within the app. Even better, if you are using this feature you will have the file locally, which is really cool. You can choose which files and folders stay on your mobile devices as well by clicking on the option to keep that file or folder on your device.

When it comes to the IT administrators that are using SharePoint Online or the organizations, you also will have this access. The files will be automatically redownloaded when someone is syncing up a file or has made a change to the file. This works out because instead of needing to sync and share those files on every single device for team collaboration, everything will be done automatically. If you are in IT, then you will know how much bandwidth you will be saving with this new feature.

Even More Microsoft OneDrive Features

Another cool feature with the Microsoft OneDrive Offline Folders is that you now have this feature on Google Play Store. That means Android users now have access to these features if you have a subscription to Office 365. You will need a personal subscription or a business account in order to access these features. The only issue is that iOS users will not be getting these offline folder features for a few more months. That means Android users will have these features way before iOS users.

When it comes to what the offline access and features do, as you can probably guess, it lets you save your files to your mobile device. You will then be able to open up these files when you do not have an internet connection, which is really cool. You can just click on the Parachute icon in order to save these files and make them all available while offline. Even if changes are made to the file, it will automatically be synced and your changes will be saved for when you get back online. That means you can edit on the go while offline, and then when you get back online everything will sync up to reflect those changes.

Another change that was made for Microsoft OneDrive was to iMessage. You now will be able to share photos and documents right from within iMessage. This is cool because before, you would have to get out of iMessage in order to send documents. Now, you can do everything right from within iMessage since there is integration now built into the platform.

If you would like to try the new iMessage feature, you need to make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft OneDrive for iOS. You can find this right now in Apple’s App Store. You also will need to enable Microsoft OneDrive on your iOS device for iMessage.