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Microsoft OneNote Android Update Offers New Features

Jan 4, 2018

Microsoft OneNote just got an update on Android bringing the new version to 16.0.8827.2090. In this new version of OneNote, we get a couple new features as well as some new integration with Office Lens. As we have been reporting for a while now, Microsoft seems intent on focusing on Android and iOS as the Windows smartphones seem to be dead. Microsoft is now working to make apps better for Android and the new update to OneNote is just the latest app to get new features. If you have Microsoft OneNote on your Android device, keep reading to learn about this newest update.

Microsoft OneNote Android App Update Brings App Shortcuts & More

One of the biggest changes coming to the Microsoft OneNote Android app is the new app shortcuts. This can be found on the new version of Microsoft OneNote for Android, which is version 16.0.8827.2090. In the new version, we find the new app shorcuts. This allows you to do the most common things using shortcuts such as recording audio and inserting a photo. The app shortcuts also allow you to create your very own to-do list and even take a note. These app shortcuts will increase your overall productivity since you will be spending less time getting to these most common Microsoft OneNote Android features.

Beyond the app shortcuts, we also see that there is Office Lens integration with the new Android update. You can scan your document as normal with Office Lens and now save it to OneNote without having to even leave the app itself. There will be a folder found in the app that is relevant to the document you just scanned and saved. The only downside here is that it still appears you cannot open the Office Lens from Microsoft OneNote directly. We hope this option will be coming later on at some point, although we are not sure if that is a priority at this point in time.

Microsoft OneNote Adds New Features to Android

As you might remember, Microsoft OneNote got a huge redesign over last summer. Since then, there have been many new features added. In this latest update, the new features keep coming with both Office Lens integration and app shortcuts. The other new change in this update is the ability to sign into OneNote using just your phone number.

That is right, there is now no need to remember a password with the Microsoft Android app. Use your phone number to sign in so that you have one less password to remember. This new sign-in ability is definitely going to be useful, and it allows you to sign into the OneNote app much quicker.

Lastly, bug fixes and performance improvements will be coming in this update. That is fairly typical with app updates, as there is always something to fix. If the OneNote Android app is already on your device, you should see the update automatically hit your device very soon. It could take a day or two before you see the update. That means do not worry about it if you have not seen the update yet. If you are not in the mood to wait for the latest update, you can go ahead and download it from Google Play Store.

With all of the new features coming to this app, you should be able to increase your overall productivity and also get more done with the app itself. Hopefully, even more new features to OneNote will be coming to the Android app in the near future. Let us know in the comments if you have downloaded the new update yet and if you enjoy the new sign-in feature. Do you think the app shortcuts will help you get more done? Are you excited for the integration with Office Lens?