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Microsoft Outlook Gets New iOS Update

Jan 18, 2017

Good news if you have Microsoft Outlook on your iOS device, as the app just got another update. This update will give you more features and functions for the iOS app, and will also improve some issues with Apple’s mobile system. Continue reading to learn more about what the new and improved Microsoft Outlook for iOS app has to offer.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS Adds New Features

We are going to tell you about some of the biggest improvements and features that are coming to the new Microsoft Outlook iOS App. This app is now available to download through Apple’s App Store or if you already have the app on your device, you should see it coming through an over-the-air update. The new updates to Microsoft Outlook will enhance your experience and also make the experience on iOS more in sync with the operating system.

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Easier Small Font Reading- You will now be able to see the emails that have a very small font. There was an improvement to the display of these small-font emails, which allows you to be able to read them much easier.

Better Searching- Another update is that you will be able to search based on your conversation rather than individual. So you will have more accurate search results showing up with you search, and it will make going through the messages and conversations much easier to do. This is especially useful if you are having conversations with co-workers and need to look up a certain phrase or word.

Passbook File Support– There is also now Passbook file support which allows you to get your information on the boarding passes within your inbox. If you fly a lot for work or travel, this is definitely a huge improvement for the Microsoft Outlook iOS app.

Calendar Recurring Events Editing- You now can both edit and create recurring events straight from the Calendar itself. You will need the Office 365 subscription though in order to do this. If you want to create a birthday party the same day every year, this is what you can do now with the new recurring events feature.

These are just some of the newest improvements you will find with the latest Microsoft Outlook update for iOS. If you do not have Microsoft Outlook on your iOS device yet, you can download the newest version right from Apple’s App Store. Whether you are in business or you are just someone who is very social, this app will help you out tremendously. Microsoft has been making updating apps on both iOS and Android a priority for the company, so you likely will see more Microsoft Outlook updates hitting your mobile device in the near future.

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