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Microsoft Outlook iOS App Redesign Released

Dec 10, 2018

We have great news if you use the Microsoft Outlook iOS app as there is a new app redesign in the new update. This new Outlook iOS app update was just released and there are many changes within the update. The biggest thing you will notice when you update this app is the new redesign, but that is not all. We have all of the latest details about the Microsoft Outlook iOS app update, including the redesign, so keep reading on to learn more.

Microsoft Outlook iOS App Redesign & More Found in Latest Update

If you have the Microsoft Outlook iOS app, you might want to check out the newest update to the app. You will notice first and foremost, that there is a redesign in the newest Outlook iOS app update. Most people should already have received this update via the over-the-air automatic update. If you have not yet received the update, you can head to Apple’s App Store and download the newest update right now.

As mentioned, the redesign is the biggest change you will notice in the Microsoft Outlook iOS app update. There was a complete overhaul to the design of the app, and you will see the new bright blue header at the top. When it comes to design, the iOS version of the app is now more on par with the Android version and other versions of Outlook.

So when you load up the iOS Outlook app now, you will have this bright blue header at the top. It used to be a white scheme, which was meant to be similar to the Apple Mail app color design. We are definitely happy that Microsoft has decided to make the Outlook iOS app look more similar to other versions of Outlook instead. There are other less significant design changes that we wanted to tell you about with the Microsoft Outlook iOS app too.

Outlook iOS App Redesign Brings Better Quality of Life to iOS Users

While the bright blue header might be the most noticeable change with the redesign, it is overall a much better app with the less significant changes. The main goal for Microsoft with this new update was to enhance the quality of daily tasks within the app for those on iOS.

For instance, you will notice that your email now contains avatars of people. This makes it easier to find someone for a quick conversation by glancing at their avatars. Other changes include a newly-improved search that will tell you your most recent contacts and searches.

The focus was not on adding a bunch of new features, but instead focused more on improving the features already found within the Microsoft Outlook iOS app. Other things you will notice is that you can now setup your own customized swipe actions. If you are going to respond to an invite, you will get a mini calendar look at all of your upcoming events. This helps making plans with someone easier, since you can see which days you already have something going on.

Dark Mode Still Not Part of Microsoft Outlook iOS App Redesign

Even though we do love the new changes found in the Outlook iOS app, there are still some design things we are missing. Dark Mode has still not made it into the redesign, which is something a lot of people have been asking for. When it comes to the desired features people want to see in an app, the Dark Mode has been requested by almost everyone for every app. Outlook for iOS still has not added this into the app, although we expect to see it in a future update.

In the comment section found below, we want to know if you like the new Microsoft Outlook iOS app redesign. What about the redesign do you like the most and are you disappointed that Dark Mode is still not included in the app? Do you currently use Microsoft Outlook for your mail needs? If you prefer to use another mail app on iOS, tell us about that too in the comment area below. We would love to know what you think about the new Microsoft Outlook redesign for iOS.

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