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Microsoft Outlook Redesign Hits iOS & Android

Jul 12, 2017

We have been talking for a while about Microsoft Outlook and how Microsoft is focusing on both iOS and Android in order to make better apps for people all throughout the world. In recent news, Microsoft has killed off Windows on mobile and it leaves behind just iOS and Android as the players in the mobile markets.

After that news was released, Microsoft decided to release an update to Microsoft Outlook for both iOS and Android. This new update to both mobile apps will provide a lot of redesign to the apps, as well as gives us some more improvements overall. Read on to learn about the changes that have been made to Microsoft Outlook on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft Outlook iOS & Android Update Focuses on Improvements

The biggest change to come to the iOS and Android Microsoft Outlook apps is that there is now an @ symbol being used in the reply interface. When you look at the email replies now, you will notice that you can tag people, such as friends and co-workers, using the @ symbol.

This means you can see the entire conversation when you begin replying to an email message. If you are reading a long email chain, you will also notice that there is a group conversation automatically opened up. This group conversation will open up to the first unread message from that conversation.

Beyond that, you will also notice that on both the iOS version and Android version of Microsoft Outlook, there are improvements when it comes to switching between accounts. When it comes to the Microsoft Outlook app, it has support for Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365. It will now be a lot easier to switch between your accounts on the Microsoft Outlook app.

It is being called an account picker, and you will also have quick access to your various folders. This is great if you use more than one account for your business. It also increases your productivity overall since it will be easier to get from one account to another.

Microsoft Outlook Teases Other Changes

There are also even more changes coming to Microsoft Outlook in the near future, which Microsoft has already been teasing. There will be a place at the bottom of the app where the search will be located, which makes things much easier when it comes to searching. At the bottom part of the app, you will notice that contacts and files are automatically placed here.

There will even be the ability to see your packages being delivered, attachments of recent, and flight information from the Microsoft Outlook iOS and Android apps. This will be possible thanks to the Graph technology, which will be incorporated into the search interface. This specific search feature on Microsoft Outlook will be coming out very soon, so this is not part of the update that was just released for iOS and Android.

If you would like to try out the new features available for your conversations and account switching, then you can head to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to download the update today. The Office 365 support will also be coming within the next few days, so do not worry if you do not see the support yet for Office 365. Some of these new features are right now currently only on iOS, with the Android update coming soon as well.

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